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Victoria 2 Hpm

….Hold on. I don’t know which is which, sadly. Re: my mod. Has anyone seen a “rare” that has a six-digit number? Anyway, if you think you have a “classic” mod please PM me.

Victoria 2

And that was it for Peru. I had moved on to the other big country to the south, Bolivia. I didn’t expect to find an actual field combat unit that made a difference for either side, but the Ospens and Bolivians in particular were very good at getting away with shooting at each other, so there was a lot of this going on!.

Victoria 2 Hpm

Anyway, my overall impression of Peru was that it was just as well fortified and armed as the other areas I’d seen so far, but it didn’t have much of a police force and was notably short on engineers as a result. Bolivia was the opposite, by comparison.

Victoria 2 Hpm

In short, Bolivia was the most tactically complicated area I’d seen so far, and I was very glad I had a full complement of Abrams. After all, these guys were the tip of the spear for the IAF.

Victoria 2 Hpm

Bolivia, on the other hand, was just an unglamorous collection of rectangular buildings. A lot of them were ramshackle, and some of them had sagging roofs that threatened to fall in whenever there was a strong wind.

Victoria 2 Hpm

It was the first country I’d been through where I’d been able to come to terms with the fact that the opposition forces were going to be a match for us, at least for now. I was even starting to get a sense of the game, I’ll tell you.

Victoria 2 Hpm

In fact, I was getting very good at predicting where the rebels were going to emerge from each building on the side of the road in the long grass and weeds, and also exactly when a rebel would emerge from a side street. They were pretty easy to figure out, once you got the hang of it.

Victoria 2 Hpm

It was obvious that many rebel units were conscripts because of their relatively poor equipment, but what I couldn’t figure out was why they were so poorly armed. I could well imagine that they were kids volunteering to go to war, but how were they supplied? They certainly

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Search by category: General Tips. Town tags are not the same as Country Tags: The name “Victorian” is not an actual country name: it is also the name of the Victoria II mod released by PrG. If you wish to use the tag name for your mod, please tag your files with the country name “Victoria II”: *.

Victoria II – Starteam

The following explains how to name tags. You will see the tag name in the lower right hand corner of the Victoria II game window. Country tags allow you to quickly tell which countries you are viewing on the Victoria II World Map.

Ever wondered how to give your mods (Victoria 2, Victoria, I or whatever) a more realistic feel? This video demonstrates how to make mods to add more creatures, more soldiers and more units with all the details to it.Flexible, tolerant, plastic responding: a reconsideration of aging, memory, and learning.
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