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URL Scanner is a Window’s Service which runs in the background to invisibly read and store URLs visited by people surfing the internet using any of the following web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.
With URL Scanner companies can easily see if their employees are being productive or spending too much time on non-work related activities (i.e. Facebook, online shopping, pornography, etc.).
By default, URL Scanner stores all the recorded information in an Access database, but you can change this to to store results in a MS SQL Server or Oracle database.


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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






URL Scanner Crack+ [Mac/Win]

URL Scanner Crack Mac is a Windows service which performs:
1) Reads the URLs you visit every day
2) Stores the URLs in an Access database
3) Allows you to view a report of the URLs.
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How to Use:
1) Download URL Scanner and install it.
Download URL Scanner
2) Log in using the credentials you set during installation.
Select the 3rd option during installation, and continue.
3) Select the “Click to start URL Scanner” option.
Click to start URL Scanner
4) Choose your web browser:
You can choose to use one of the following web browsers:
Internet Explorer
5) Select “Browse all sites in this list” option from the “HTML format” dropdown list to see all the sites you have visited.
[select] Browse all sites in this list
[select] Firefox
[select] Internet Explorer
[select] Chrome
6) Close the web browser you are using.
Close the web browser
7) Select “Save settings for all browsers” option.
[select] Click here to save settings for all browsers
8) Select “Stop” to exit URL Scanner.
[select] Click here to stop URL Scanner
URL Scanner Tips:
URL Scanner must run continuously in the background to store and update URLs for future reference.

Internet Explorer 7+
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Windows Server 2008 R2

* To start URL Scanner on a Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 PC/Server, run the executable from the same folder as URL Scanner.exe.
** To start URL Scanner on a Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 PC/Server, run the executable from a network share.
URL Scanner Free alternatives:

1) BitAlly – A Chrome extension for Google Chrome can be used to store the URLs you visit online in an Access database. BitAlly allows you to record the URLs you visit per calendar day, per month or per year with the capacity to create reports showing day-by-day, month-by-month or year-by-year statistics.

2) LookSee – A Windows Service that can be used to monitor and report on how

URL Scanner Download

URL Scanner is a service running in the background that discovers websites you visit from your home computer. After installation, URL Scanner will start collecting information in an Access database.
URL Scanner is a reliable and free service to help you stay in control of your computer, monitor and make sure it’s not wasting time or producing unnecessary noise.


URLScanner has been made obsolete. It’s not available anymore. I will have to find a replacement.

The URLScanner Forum looks like a good place to start.

URL Scanner Crack+ Patch With Serial Key Free [2022]

Our URL scanning tool has been used in a number of high profile companies to help in monitoring and controlling employee internet usage. It is a free tool that has a web based user interface that allows quick setup, installation and running of the program. Users just need to enter their username and password, and then the program automatically detects web browsers on their system and starts crawling all URLs. Once a URL has been processed, information (including website title and URL, IP address, time and date, time spent on the page, content of the page, referrer URL, exit URL and key words that were found in the URL), is saved to the database. This information can then be viewed in any database program such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server or Oracle.
Main features:
– Supports browsing over web and mail protocols
– Able to scan more than one IP address at a time
– Can monitor/control from any web browser
– Can be set to automatically run at a preset time and date
– No need to be connected to the network while it is running
– Can be scheduled to run at a preset date and time, or can be set to run when the computer starts
– Individual reports for each user
– Scans URLs from any folder
– Built in support to delete or overwrite URLs scanned
– Can be configured to allow or block URLs from being viewed
– Can be configured to allow or block mail-to-urls from being viewed
– Can send log files/mail messages of URLs and IP addresses scanned
– Can be configured to pause URL and mail-to-URLs scans (if URL Scanner is configured to do so).
– User accounts can be setup to have a maximum time limit for URL and mail-to-URL scanning
– Can have a list of keywords that are censored (i.e. “dowload”, “support”)
– Can have a list of IP addresses that are censored (i.e. “www.google.com” and “”).
– Unlimited number of URL crawling sessions can be configured.
– Completely configurable with the ability to include or exclude URL/mail-to-URL scans from users based on one or more user accounts.
– Can include or exclude URLs/mail-to-URLs based on time.
– Can be configured to run whenever your computer starts or at a specified time and date.
– Excluded websites: The following websites

What’s New in the URL Scanner?

Stores all recorded URLs with time, IP address and web browser used, among others.
Read the web history of the time period you specify.
Optionally, you can specify a regular expression you want to look for.
Periodically check for your domains or sites to see if they’ve been active.
URL Scanner Features:
* Possibility to set a custom start and end time period to scan.
* Customizes the time period it checks for.
* See exactly which URLs the web browser visited in the specified time period.
* Includes all URLs typed by the user into the browser.
* Lets you see which URLs were visited the most during the specified time period.
* It’s easy to install and set up.
* A detailed description of what’s stored in the database.
* No installation required.
* You can change the location where the database is stored.
* Scheduled startup and scheduled shutdown of URL Scanner.
* Can select the size of the log file.
* Supports URLs with special characters (e.g. &, +, etc.).
* Can write into one or more databases simultaneously.
* Reads logs from several files.
* Supports for all other operating systems besides Windows.
* Frequently asked questions.
* Free sample download, simply click on “screenshot”.

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System Requirements:

– Windows
– 1.6 GHz Quad Core CPU
– 4 GB RAM
– 1080p Video Card
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