SugarBytes WOW VST V1.1 AiR ~UPD~ 🠮

SugarBytes WOW VST V1.1 AiR ~UPD~ 🠮


SugarBytes WOW VST V1.1 AiR

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WOW (abbreviation for “Wah Ooh Wow”) is a term coined by the late American music legend Sonny Rollins. We noticed that WOW is the most naturally resonant sound for the “slo-mo” music-listening experience. Now we developed a new Stylus Spectralizer which is fully loaded with a WOW1 spectral filter.
That is to say, this Stylus Spectralizer is a pure brain for WOW. WOW2 is provided for each waveform individually. It introduces the original idea of WOW to the Stylus Spectralizer. WOW2 is a spectral filter for the Stylus Spectralizer. This WOW2 filter does not just add the WOW to the Stylus Spectralizer. Instead, the WOW2 filter serves to give the Stylus Spectralizer its own natural WOW.
Features :
1. WOW effect is not applied to the attack and decay phase in the Stylus Spectralizer. WOW is applied only to the sustain phase.
2. WOW filters setting menu is different from WOW1 spectral filter. WOW2 filter setting menu is divided into two parts. The first part comprises three filters (narrow, wide & steep). The second part consists of three gauges :
– Filter: act as with a graphical part.
– Narrow: the width of the filter
– Wide: the width of the filter
– Steep: the steepness of the filter
3. Split Off Sustain Phase is activated by default.
4. A WOW2 plug-in is provided for free.
5. Clicking the small speaker icon on the monitor will toggle Show/Hide WOW2 Spectrum Analyzer mode. In this mode, WOW2 effect is removed from all waveforms in the Stylus Spectralizer.
6. WOW2 Volume Control is set to 100% to make this plug-in to have almost no effect.
7. Weighted WOW2 filter changes the weight value to steep filter in the WOW2 filters setting menu.
8. In low memory region, WOW2 filter setting menu and WOW2 Volume Control settings are disabled.
9. In high memory region,

By Ashley T. Sharp
Please note: The review below is a brief review only. The full review of this product will be posted at soon.
As busy as I am, and I mean BUSY, I always keep a copy of my test CD player on hand. It is critical for me to play the tune BEFORE I record anything onto tape. This CD player is simple – it is just a pair of headphones hooked up to a pair of speakers. It might seem like a simple point, but believe me – this is one of the most important steps. If you play what you record, you will often find that the performance has been compromised. Often times, in my case, the sound of the recording itself is so good, that the performance of the audio recording is the weak link.
The secret to performance is UNPARALLELED EQ and a microphone that converts the sound of music into a digital form. Even if you EQ correctly, if the playback sounds terrible, chances are your recording won’t either. The WOW2 is designed to solve these problems – if you own a CD player, it’s something you need.
The WOW2 is intended to solve the problem of the narrow sound range of the CD player. Comparing the WOW2 with CD players is like comparing apples to Oranges. A WOW2 is not a CD player. It is a processor of digital signals. As a processor, it performs a wide range of functions – all at once, while listening to the original CD audio signal, the overall result is: a playback system with a wide sound range. How exactly does the WOW2 work? If you can answer that question, then you also know how to get a handle on the WOW2.
First a little background is necessary – the basic principle behind digital audio processing is the same as that of digital photography. First, a video camera captures and stores images in a digital format, then a computer transforms the digital images into a video format for play back. Likewise, a digital audio recording system processes digital audio files and converts them to a digital audio format. The WOW2 performs the same function for audio, as other digital audio processors do for music and images. No matter what you call the WOW2, it is a processor.
Unlike a conventional CD player, which works like this: you turn the CD player on and turn the system on. The cd player looks at the CD and determines how the sound is spaced. Then

Huge thanks to Product Development Manager Chris Angel, for getting our hands-on with their latest production, and looking at their plugin WOW.

***ATTENTION READERS: WOW is a full-featured drum machine. It’s not a drum machine emulator. It’s the only one on the market that actually produces a playable drum machine. It will make you a drummer — in the best possible way. It was designed by professional musicians for professional musicians.***

What IS WOW?

WOW is a high-quality drum machine plugin for Windows and Mac OS X. It lets you play, record, sequence, and mix your own drum tracks using the best WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface to date. It comes with its own drum groove library, and is totally ready for a spot in your DJ or production rig.

In other words, WOW is the next generation of drum machines.

WOW is based on Sugar Bytes’ very popular WYSIWYG drum machine, WYDRUM.

Features & Pricing

WOW comes with over 1,200 factory-ready beats in up to four unique grooves.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking for big sounds or a beginner, WOW can cater to your drumming needs with its drum track templates.

WOW comes with drum parts in mono (straight quarter or eighth notes) and stereo (cross-faded stereo). There are also “Groovy” grooves that are instrument-ready and optimized for live performance.

Whichever groove template you choose, it’s easy to manipulate from the front panel.

User Interface

The front panel of WOW will make you a drummer in no time — with its cool interface and fun features.

The controls in the front panel are pretty intuitive, but what you see isn’t always what you get. The layout is designed to be super easy for your eyes to see.

If you need help, there are tutorial videos right on the screen.

WOW also comes with an optional list of the grooves available in WOW. From here you can access the sounds in the grooves and adjust their volume, pan, EQ, key, and FX settings.

The drum track templates have also been optimized with MIDI notes so you can turn them into MIDI tracks on any

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SugarBytes WOW is a host-synthesis arpeggiator with a powerful effect architecture that transforms your modules into complete, lush, analog synthesizers. It’s designed to work in parallel with your host DAW environment (Edit: And VST hosts), making it a host-synthesis plugin in its own right.
With WOW, you get five oscillators (each with its own waveshaping and envelope control), versatile effects chains, and many modules at your command, all of which are driven by sophisticated arpeggiator algorithms and automatically sync up to the host tempo, in perfect timekeeping with your existing music. You can also use WOW as a stand-alone arpeggiator plugin, and it will dance on its own in standalone mode with a big, thumping, pulsing arpeggiator.
WOW is a plugin that is so modular, there’s almost no limit to what you can do with it. Nearly all of the WOW modules can be driven by your host synth. They can be used standalone or via the WOW arpeggiator, with one exception: The VCF module cannot be added by the arpeggiator. For this reason, the VCF is actually configured in WOW as a standalone VCF module.
WOW is a classic “all-in-one” host plug-in with a complete set of host-module functionalities. Many modules are designed with their own envelope curves, amplifiers, resonant filters, and effects, making them ideal for adding fun and tasty tonal complexity.
SugarBytes WOW is fully patched into WDM Gear’s new (since the addition of the WOV variant to WDM Gear releases) WOW2 version of WDM Gear’s flagship WDM host plugin, a new version of WDM Gear’s fully-patched WOV (which is unchanged in WDM Gear’s new releases) and WOW (which is updated to version 2.0).
WOW2 is WDM Gear’s first fully-patched host plugin and the first host plugin to fully integrate with WDM Gear’s WOW (and WOV) Synthesizer Engine. It also includes a powerful new effects engine, and a new oscillator module that can be used standalone or within WDM Gear’s other plugins.
WOW2 comes with the same base plugin as

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