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Being a successful investor on the stock market requires solid knowledge and previous experience. However, those traits are not enough, as modern trading relies on fast software tools to assist in making the best investment decisions. Risk Manager is a lightweight application that can be used alongside an investment managing app to quickly determine the risk or the potential win given the current buying and selling positions.
A basic investment evaluation tool
Risk Manager is particularly useful to investors who usually close positions partially, allowing them to determine the risk they are taking.
It is designed to provide them with information about the potential wins or the amount of money they risk losing based on their investment strategy, the market pip, and their current positions on the market.
Requires users to fill in a few fields to calculate the profit margin
The calculator requires the users to provide information about their market investments, including the pips and the percentage a position is closed, in a table that has editable fields.
Additionally, they have to enter the size of the stock lot, the stop loss value (the value which triggers a closing position to avoid further loss), the pip value, and the account balance.
Pressing the "Calculate" button will fill up all the other fields, allowing users to check the absolute and the relative values of the risk, the total profit, the risk margin, and the break-even win, in percentages. The table is also filled, revealing the total profit for each position and the remaining stock.
Calculates the risk or the reward of an investment
Risk Manager can come in handy to financial market investors, allowing them to estimate their risk or their reward. It allows them to enter details about all the positions on the market (unfortunately, just six table entries are available), and check if their investment strategy has a chance of producing revenue. And with a simple click on the "Reset" button, all the fields are updated to zero, and the user can start over in a jiffy.


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Risk Manager is a heavy duty application that contains every detail and detail of the stock market in a simple calculator that calculates risk or reward for any investment strategy. It is flexible, and it allows users to place bets on the 50 stocks of the Standard & Poor’s 500 index. It calculates risk and it calculates reward, but doesn’t do so in an elaborate way.
Who is this for?
This application is for everybody, any financial market investor can use it to estimate the risk and the reward. It shows how easy and simple it can be to place a bet on the stock market.
The Standard & Poor’s 500 index has been the most popular market benchmark to measure the success of an individual investor for several years. It includes 500 large American companies, from information technology companies to automobile manufacturers, and even banks, financial companies, pharmaceutical, and energy companies.
The application provides a simple way to let the user enter the stock information, that has been selected from the stock market index, and then press the “Calculate” button. The program will give the user the total profit, the number of closed positions, and the percentage of risk taken.
This application was created with the belief that any investor can use it and benefit from it.
Warning: The application shows the potential gain or the potential loss that can be expected if the user does not act in time. It is not a gambling tool and the user should not play the stock market directly with the stock market index.

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In addition, we develop and create for other companies, which involves access to confidential information about our customers, and we are not allowed to share this data with anybody.We are very careful about the application and do not share any confidential information with any unauthorized sources.The application is free so we encourage our users to rate the application (and email if they have any issues).

People who use the application should understand that it is not a gambling

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Risk Manager calculates how much the investment might lose and how much it might make if you trade, even if it is risky.
You must first enter your own personal details into the app, with information about the type of investment you have and your desired amount.
The app will then calculate all the positions that have to be closed as well as the risks and rewards of each with 1 click.
Open an account and instantly calculate your risk
Risk Manager is a free app that provides investors with detailed information about their investment and allows them to carry out real-time calculations and risk estimation.
The program is available for use on iOS and Android devices, and is accessible in the Google Play Store and Apple Store.
It is compatible with any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, as well as with most Android devices.
To learn more about the Risk Manager, check out this page.
Product Highlights:
– Calculates the risk or the reward of an investment
– Requires users to fill in a few fields to calculate the profit margin
– Provides basic, real-time calculations
– Free and easy to use
– Available for iOS and Android
– Available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store
– Six table entries for account details
– In-app purchases
– Prices are accurate as of 5/10/2019, and are subject to change
– Note: Risk Manager is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Apple Inc. or the Google Play Store.
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A crash course on learning about investing
If you are currently making money investing on the stock market without having a clue about how to do it, you are missing out.
You should ideally learn the basics of investing prior to starting out.
This is because if you don’t really have the right knowledge, it can easily lead to major losses.
If you start with an investing knowledge gap, you are more likely to encounter unnecessary risks.
It is important to develop a sound knowledge base on the market and invest wisely, so that you can avoid any of the common pitfalls of a novice investor.
This is because a lack of knowledge about investing will only lead you to make poor decisions.
If you don’t know what your investment is investing in, it can make you lose your money.
The best way to deal with this problem is to do it all by yourself.
The easiest way to learn about investing is to use a online stock market app.

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Risk Manager is a risk estimation tool that is used to calculate the amount of risk on the market, as well as the win or loss, for an individual investment position. It provides a quick and easy way to estimate the risk and the potential gain or loss of investment strategies.

Just a quick post on my new portfolio with some results of the goings on.
Those with longer memories might remember that I was forced to pull out of stocks in the middle of 2015. So I took a break from trading for a while and when I started trading again I had a different mindset, which for me means very long term with very low risk.
Using the software and these rules I have built up a well balanced portfolio with 40% long term, 35% intermediate term, 25% short term. Using my MMM model I get this based on a fixed income yield of 5.5% and inflation of 1.5% (CAGR 4% inflation).
Risk/return ratio
Profit/loss ratio
My portfolio
With all the transaction costs involved in the trades I would rather make positive returns rather than just break even.
No returns due to turnover costs
In 2013/2014 I ended up having a lot of losses, my main strategy also had a lot of negative periods. Hopefully this is just a bump in the road and not a sign that I should reconsider the investment style.
Due to the break in trading I did not have any interesting trades in 2015 so am not quite sure what to expect this year. There are some tempting items but I don’t want to put too much on them. Using the MT4 platform I have a sort of trailing stop on my long term holdings and may have to adjust this some more, so for now its just a test run to see how it works.
In the past I did some annual rebalancing and quarterly reweighting but I seem to remember a lot of transaction costs with these, so no point doing any of that.
Assets going into the portfolio
Listed stocks
U.S. equities
Foreign equities
U.S. hedge funds
U.S. notes
U.S. corporate bonds
Total: 2624
A few notes:
I also have some cash in my portfolio. The cost of the trades (transaction costs) and the interest on cash is much higher than the interest on the bonds and notes so to not include it.
The bonds are mostly U.S and are all

What’s New in the Risk Manager?

Price Risk and Account Balance
Start Price and Stop Loss
The Risk Calculator estimates the risk in all the investments the user has in his account and adds up the pip difference of each position. It is only available for those who have a fully open position.
The calculator can be used to estimate the potential losses given the current market positions.
Risk Manager Screenshot:

Bittrex Review and Its Pros and Cons
Bittrex is one of the most famous US crypto exchanges and is a crypto exchange based in Seattle, Washington, USA. It was founded in 2013, in 2013. It is also known as the Bittrex and Bitsquare. Bittrex is a top cryptocurrency exchange providing essential services such as trading options and an escrow wallet for crypto transactions.
The first time that a person enters Bittrex, he will be directed to the account section. This account section lets the user to create an account and sign up to the platform. The account section has a “security” tab where the user is asked to provide some personal information such as a username, password, and phone number.
If the user provides all the security information, he can then move to the trading tab where he can see his account balance and other personal account information.
There is a “settings” tab too in the account section, and this tab is where the user will find Bittrex’s promotions and other services. The trading tab is where a person will be offered different trading options and other services.
The Bittrex wallet section is a place where a person can buy, sell, and trade crypto and fiat currencies from the platform. It is divided into three sections, and this section is the payment section. This section is a place where the user can buy crypto and fiat with fiat or crypto, along with escrow crypto wallets.
The withdrawal section is where a person can take out cryptocurrencies from the platform to his wallet address or check the balance of his wallet address. It is divided into five subsections, and the “Manage addresses” sub-section is where a user can check if the wallet address is synced with the Bittrex, check the address balances, and send funds from his wallet to other addresses.
The “Send” section is a place where the user can send funds to another person’s account.
The “Manage alerts” section is where the user will find alerts about market movement and other crypto exchange information

System Requirements:

-Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows 2000
-At least 1 GHz processor
-2 GB of RAM
-20 GB of free space on the hard disk (minimum)
-DirectX 8 (other than the Macintosh version, which requires at least Mac OS X 10.5)
-Minimum 1024×768 resolution
-Multimedia support:
-Audio: OGG/Vorbis, MPEG layer-2, MP3 (free)
-Video: MPEG-4 (part 10, High Profile

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