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The Photoshop tools can be used to manipulate the color, texture, and other aspects of any type of media, such as photos, graphics, text, and so on.

Navigating Photoshop

You can navigate Photoshop in four ways:

• With the mouse

• Using keyboard shortcuts

• Using the menu system

• Using the toolbars

With the mouse, you can draw with the Pen tool by default and use either the selection tools, such as the Marquee and Lasso tools, to select objects and drag and drop them, or you can use the paint bucket to apply color to an area. You can apply the healing and dodge/burn tools, as well as the spot healing tool, that improve selection accuracy and help to clean up a selection. (Details on the spot healing tool are in the upcoming section, “Using healing,” to help you create selections more accurately.) You can also create text, apply effects, draw freehand, and use the drawing and painting tools to create artwork.

In Photoshop, you can view the window borders and window bars as a guide, rather than as an absolute boundary of the window. This can be especially helpful when you’re cutting out an object from a photo, using the selection tools, and making a similar object.

The keyboard shortcuts are a great way to speed up the editing process and improve your workflow, because you can do many common editing tasks much faster than dragging and dropping items over and over again. The shortcuts are different for each tool. For example, with the Paint Bucket tool, you can use the F key to fill an area in the image; the Shift+D key to create a new layer; and the Ctrl+Z key to undo the last change to the image.

The menu system is accessible through the standard Windows menus on the right side of the screen. You can use it to access all Photoshop tools. For example, you can select the Pencil tool from the menu system (see Figure 3-4), or you can choose Tools⇒Pencil from the menu bar to access the Pencil tool.

Finally, you can see the Toolbars on the far-left side of the screen. You can drag tools onto or off the Toolbars to customize the tools that appear there. For example, you can drag the Selection tool to the Brush tool on the Toolbars and place it on the Brush tool’s Tool Options panel. You can click the third icon from the left in

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Features of Photoshop Elements

Any Photoshop features:

It provides you the same Photoshop editing tools.

Basic photo editing:

The original tools are very powerful with zooming and panning.

Basic image editing:

It provides basic tools. You cannot zoom the image while you work.

Adjustment layers:

You can use adjustment layers to add effects to your photo.


You can use widgets to create your own tools.

Camera RAW:

You can edit RAW files.


You can print your image in different sizes and formats.

Flatbed scanner:

You can scan and import RAW files.


You can remove unwanted objects or enhance existing ones.

Working with RAW files:

You can use RAW file formats that include all of the changes that your camera makes and you can easily repair photos using a RAW file if you need to do so. You need to install the converter provided by Adobe for this.

Matching HDR:

You can take multiple photos at different exposures and merge them together to create a single exposure.

Web-based editing:

You can edit your images on the web or via your device.

Layer style:

You can create different layers that can be combined to create various effects.

Retouching brush:

You can use one of the different brushes to retouch your image.

3D animation:

You can create your own 3D animated GIFs.


You cannot open RAW files or edit flatbed scanner output.


Animators, meaning individuals who create, direct and edit animation, are looking for a powerful and free photo editor. A recent example of Adobe Photoshop Elements being used as an animator’s software is the character skin transfer tool that allows users to create a specific type of animation, known as ‘Marquees’. Marquees are created through the use of Photoshop Element’s animated brushes.

You may also find Photoshop useful for

Generating a package deal of high-quality photographs for a charity or a wedding photographer, who may need a package of photographs for printing purposes.

Collage apps are photo editing programs that allow you to combine various images, add borders, and watermarks to create a collage. This is a fun way to

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Professional photoshop brushes
Brushes for Photoshop have been evolving over time, and they now include incredibly powerful and creative options.
Every brush has its own settings. These include the color and opacity, effect applied (stippling, fracturing, etc.), source image, size of a brush, quality of the brush, etc.
When the brush is selected, additional options appear in the dialog window, as seen in the below image:
That allows you to adjust the brush settings by adjusting the opacity and color of the brush, the size, image, brush style (pencil, watercolor, marble, etc.), the source color, shape, angle and more.
You can make the brush vary from a nice smooth stroke to a very textured one.
You can also change the style of the brush, and the amount of color from the source area.
You can also change the brush color.
Brushes can also be used as an eraser, which is very easy to do:
Brushes as an eraser
A brush can also be used as a path:
Brush as a Path
Using the image above, I created a simple shape using the Brush tool and a different color. Now I click the result and the shape is used as a path:
Brush as a Path
Brushes are also very useful for creating nice wood-like effects on pictures:
Brush as a wood effect
Brushes can also be used to apply incredible amounts of textures to photos:
Brush textures
Brushes can also be used for an additive effect:
Brush as an additive effect
You can apply any texture you want, even any shape you want!
One useful thing about brushes is that you can apply them as often as you want and create a mosaic:
Brush as a mosaic
Brushes can also be very creative:
Brushes as a mosaic
Customizing brushes
You can also customize your brushes in Photoshop.
This allows you to replace certain parts of the brush with things such as dashes or selections, as shown below:
A custom brush in Photoshop with different effects
The brush settings in Photoshop can be changed by clicking on the icon with the X in the upper right hand corner.
If you click to the left of the icon it opens the brush settings.
You can adjust the type of brush, the size and color, and the opacity.
Below is a demonstration:
The brush settings window for a custom brush

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