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How to get records based on record count without using 2 queries

I have 3 tables
1. company
id | name

2. job
id | deptId | name

3. contact
id | companyId | name

Contact has a foreign key on companyId.
id | deptId | name

1 | 1 | Smith
2 | 2 | Doe
3 | 1 | Johnson
4 | 2 | Brown

I would like to get the record for companyId=1 if there are 4 contacts in the contact table.
This is where i have got so far
SELECT * FROM company
LEFT JOIN contact ON company.id = contact.companyId
WHERE contact.deptId = 1

But now i want to use a subquery to get the record count so i can filter it by records count

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These products are generally used for commercial applications, are  .**]{} (1989) 110. I.G. Aznauryan, Phys. Rev. C [**67**]{} (2003) 015209; Phys. Rev. C [**69**]{} (2004) 035212. A. Deur, N. Kaiser, W. Weise, Phys. Lett. B [**405**]{} (1997) 51. A. I. Titov, B. Kampfer, B. Lechner, E. L. Bratkovskaya, Phys. Rev.  C [**67**]{} (2003) 054905. A. I. Titov, B. Kampfer, B. Lechner, Phys. Rev.  C [**72**]{} (2005) 035202.

S. Gandolfi [*et al.*]{}, Phys. Rev.  C [**75**]{} (2007) 045201. M. Lutz, B. Friman and C. Appel, arXiv:0812.1516 \[nucl-th\]. S. L. Zhu, W. Y. P. Hwang, Z. G. Luo and G. Chan, arXiv:0812.4031 \[nucl-th\]. E. Oset, H. Toki, M. Mizobe, and T. T. Takahashi, Prog. Part. Nucl. Phys.  [**54**]{} (2005) 235. W. Kamleh, P. Wilhelm, and M. C. Birse, Phys. Rev.  C [**74**]{} (2006) 014006.

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