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2. Adobe Fireworks

3. Visio

# Table of Contents


**Chapter 1:** **Getting Started with Photoshop**

Image Format Support

Creating the Master File

Using Photoshop’s Workflow

What Makes Photoshop Different from Other Application Programs?

When Can Photoshop Be Used for Commercial Use?

What Can Make a Program Look Less Like Photoshop?

Which Versions of Photoshop Are Available?

Which Photoshop Features Are Ported to Other Adobe Programs?

Which Versions of Photoshop Will Work on Your Computer?

What Photoshop Features are Not Available in Other Adobe Programs?

How to Upgrade to a New Version

How to Install Photoshop Elements

**Chapter 2:** **Using the Standard Photoshop User Interface**

What Can You Do with the Standard Photoshop User Interface?

Opening and Organizing Photoshop Files

Creating a New File or Project

Using the Workspace

Using the Toolbox

Using Palettes

Understanding the Layers Panel

Finding and Using Selections

Using the Paths Panel

Using the History Panel

**Chapter 3:** **Customizing Photoshop**

Using Control Panels

Using Custom Controls

Where Do You Find Custom Controls?

Where Can You Find More About Customizing Photoshop?

**Chapter 4:** **Using Photoshop’s Filters**

Editing Color and Tonal Values

Working with the Channel Mixer

Using the Lens Blur Filter

Using the Posterization Filter

**Chapter 5:** **Correcting Lens Distortion**

Eliminating Lens Distortion

Applying a Lens Correction Filter

Creating and Using Lens Correction Tools

**Chapter 6:** **Managing Layers**

Using Layer Modes

Working with Sublayers

**Chapter 7:** **Creating a Custom Shape**

Defining a Shape

Adjusting a Shape’s Size and Position

Creating a New Shape

**Chapter 8:** **Working with Adjustment Layers**

Locking and Unlocking Adjustment Layers

Adjusting Levels and Curves

**Chapter 9:** **Working with Gradients**

Using Gradients to Create Transparent Textures

Using Gradients to Distribute Color

Creating Linear and Radial Gradients

Interpreting Photoshop

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If you’re looking for a beginner’s guide to use Photoshop, our guide to Photoshop will get you going with the basics to quickly become a Photoshop expert.

On the other hand, if you want to learn how to edit images with Photoshop, learn how to paint with Photoshop tutorials. Our collection of Photoshop tutorials will help you quickly learn all the key features of the software.

Let’s begin!

This article will discuss the main features and limitations of Photoshop Elements 13.


If you’re a beginner and want to learn Photoshop Elements 13, here are the main features you should know about the software.

Image Manipulation Features

The image manipulation features of Photoshop Elements include:



Adjustment layers



Clone stamp

Screen capture

The following figure shows the basic interface of the Paintbrush Tool (the brush is invisible).

The following figures show the options available in the Brush dialog.

The following figure shows the Curves dialog.

The following figures show the Scales dialog.

The following figure shows the Clone Stamp Tool.

The following figures show the Screen capture dialog.

The following figure shows the Adjustment Layers dialog.

To work with the Brush, Pencil, Adjustment Layers, or Curves features, you must click OK to apply the changes you made or go back to the main interface to make changes.


The History palette shows the history of previous versions of your files. You can restore files to previous versions, but you can also undo changes that you made in a batch of files.


Curves give you the ability to change the shape of curves you drew with the Pencil tool. The curves you draw with the Pencil tool are similar to the shapes you draw with the Elliptical Marquee Tool (M), although they aren’t as precise.

The following figure shows the Curves dialog.

The following figure shows the curves you created with the Elliptical Marquee Tool (M).

The following figure shows the Curves dialog in a magnified view.

The following figure shows the Curves dialog in a magnified view.

In the following figure, the curves change in the Curves dialog.

In the following figure,

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The Pen Tool and Select Tool are useful for drawing lines and shapes. In addition, you can use the Reverse function to turn images upside-down or change their orientation.

The Direct Selection Brush is one of the most powerful tools in Photoshop. Using this tool, you can add, remove, flip, zoom, stretch, rotate, or do any number of image-editing operations on your photos.

The Transform Tool is used for moving and rotating images. With a little practice, you can learn to use this tool very quickly.

The Gradient tool enables you to choose any number of colors and blend them together. It’s also used for creating a variety of color effects.

The Lasso tool creates a selection (i.e. a region of pixels) around any shape in an image. You can then go in and perform various edits on this selected region.

The Pencil tool is like a brush that creates black and white lines. The lines you create with this tool are always black or white, and they have no thickness. They can be used for creating borders, titles, artwork, and drawings.

The Healing Brush is used for retouching images. Using the tool, you can restore small areas of damage or corruption to your photos. This tool is one of the best for removing dust, scratches, scratches, and blemishes.

The Magic Wand is an extremely powerful tool used to create, select, or edit colors. In addition, it enables you to desaturate, despeckle, repair, or enhance an image.

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