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# **Photoshop Tools**

Photoshop’s Tools bar provides access to many of Photoshop’s tools and tools within tools. It is very convenient to have all of the tools available in one place. To access the Tools bar, use either the keyboard or the mouse to click the Tools icon (upper-right icon) to open the Tools bar. It also can be opened by pressing +W (Mac) or Ctrl+W (Windows). The Tools bar is used to access both tool-based commands and layers. You can access the Layers palette from the Tools bar by clicking its icon (upper-right icon) or by pressing the F key. The Background Layer dialog box is opened

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Adobe Photoshop Elements is also a preinstalled app on most Windows and macOS computers. Photoshop can also be run from a USB device or a Mac or Windows Live Essentials account. Photoshop also runs on iOS devices and tablets running iOS 5.

This article does not provide you with any support for Adobe Photoshop Elements, nor does it provide you with any help or insights on how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements. It is merely a guide explaining how you can edit images, create new high quality images and share them with others.

Photoshop Elements features

Most of the features are shared with the professional version of Photoshop; you can check out the comparisons chart here.

Note: The following is not exhaustive.

You can manipulate, crop, rotate, redraw, stretch, sharpen and adjust images with different tools. You can also edit, organize, copy, paste, move, delete and edit with groups of images.

More than a hundred types of effects and filters are available. Several are based on the Lasso tool.

You can add any type of text, shapes, logos or backgrounds. You can also crop and resize any text and graphics that you use.

You can use the Draw tool to draw anything on any area of the image.

You can import files in any format, e.g., JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, PDF, PSP, PSD, EPS, and PSB.

You can use slide shows to display photos you have imported.

You can easily convert various files into editable JPEG. You can also sort images using a variety of presets.

You can organize images in any way that works for you, including by date, people, location, and so on.

You can select multiple images and edit or delete them.

You can export any image to JPG, TIFF or GIF.

You can create slideshows with images using any of the image files that you have imported.

You can apply special effects to any image, including creating a sepia tone, desaturation, black-and-white, grayscale, negative, luminance, and gradient.

You can watermark your images.

You can choose the final size of any image before saving it.

You can add multiple text layers, resize them, and apply various effects to them.

You can merge multiple images to create a composite. You can also add

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