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Using the file pull-down menu

The Import command is the fastest way to import images. However, there are other image-importing techniques, such as inserting an image from a folder, inserting an image from a URL, or using Import from the Content panel. All of these methods are covered in the next sections.

To import an image in Photoshop, choose File⇒Import and then locate your picture from either the Select a File Type window (if you prefer) or the Open dialog box, shown in Figure 5-4. When you click Open, Photoshop opens your image or any other image file and displays it in the workspace. Figure 5-4 shows a picture of me taken by my camera. The photo is at least a year old, so you can imagine the wrinkles that it may have picked up!

When you open a file in the workspace, you may see some settings in the right side of the workspace, which may include the following:

* **Layer 1:** Click this button to display a menu with options for editing a single layer, the active layer, or all layers of the image. By default, Photoshop shows you a thumbnail preview of the file in the workspace.
* **Lock:** Turn on this option to freeze any moving objects on the layer. After you import an image, you can reopen the image to continue editing it and still use the layer’s selected elements — if necessary.
* **Resize:** Click this button to display a set of tools that enable you to set the width and height of

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When you open a file in Photoshop, you first see the “Original” in the Layers panel. You can also see the Layers panel in this screenshot.

Image: (Elements Layers Panel)

You can zoom in using the Zoom tool to edit the image and zoom out to see the entire image.

Image: (Image Zoom Tool)

When you zoom in on the image, the tool changes to Zoom tool and when you move the mouse cursor away from the center, the tool changes to the rectangle select tool.

Image: (Image Zoom Tool)

In Elements you can use the Crop tool to zoom in an image and to keep the size of the image while zooming in or out.

Image: (Image Crop Tool)

The Crop tool shows a small yellow square when you move the cursor over the image.

Image: (Image Crop Tool)

You can click on the crop tool to crop the image or move the cursor away from the crop tool to crop the image.

Image: (Image Crop Tool)

You can double-click on the image to see the edits to the image.

Image: (Image Crop Tool)

You can use the Move tool to zoom in and out of a section of the image and zoom into the image.

Image: (Image Zoom Tool)

You can use the Free Transform tool to zoom in and out of a section of the image.

Image: (Image Free Transform)

ImageSmartEdit – Photoshop Elements

ImageSmartEdit is an image editing tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to select and retouch images. You can drag and drop images, files, or folders into the application. You can then add different filters, crop the image, alter the contrast, colors, and curves and apply a variety of effects.

ImageSmartEdit allows you to easily remove faces, or other important elements like people, pets, license plates, or backgrounds and apply different filters to the image.

This example shows the Process menu (image on left)

Image: (Process Panel)

This example shows the Edit Panel.

Image: (Edit Panel)

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