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To find a tutorial that works best for you, choose **Help**. The following list contains some online resources with their respective URLs.

## Work with Pixels: The Digital Tinting

You may have noticed a gradient tool in the toolbar when you first opened Photoshop. The gradient tool doesn’t do much beyond a pretty skin tone gradient, but by changing the gradient points, you can get a nice shaded look, as shown in Figure 14-6.

**Figure 14-6:** The Gradient tool lets you apply toning effects.

— | —

The following list provides links to online tutorials for the Gradient tool.

1. `

2. `

3. `

4. `

## Work with Layers: The Layers Panel

Layers are a fantastic way to separate the elements of an image. You can use a Layer at any time to apply changes. To learn how to work with Layers, follow these steps:

1. **Open an image that you have as a Web or TIFF format (.tiff) file.**

You need to open the file in Photoshop in order to work with the Layers panel.

2. **Create a new document.**

3. **Deselect the current layer by pressing Ctrl+D (** **Windows)** or Command+D (Mac OS).**

4. **Click the New Layer icon in the Layers panel (or press Ctrl+N (Windows) or Command+N (Mac OS) to add a new layer.**

This creates a new, blank layer.

5. **Select

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Photoshop is not the only image editing software though. There are thousands of other image editors available, and they all require you to start from scratch.

The purpose of Photoshop Elements is to provide the features needed for all of these tasks without getting in the way.

There are many versions of Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Express is a version of Photoshop Elements built for devices like smartphones. Photoshop Lightroom is a version of Photoshop Elements focused on post-processing. Photoshop is a version of Photoshop for personal computers.

Find out more about Photoshop Elements!

What is Photoshop Elements?

Photoshop Elements is a graphics editor that is aimed at hobbyists, creatives and photographers. It has similar features to professional Photoshop but has a simpler user interface. You can use Elements to make just about any kind of image.

Elements has a large selection of tools you can use to edit your images. This includes paint, text tools, drawing tools and the ability to resize or alter pictures.

There are some things you can do with Elements that you cannot do with Photoshop. These are:

Work with RAW files

Apply adjustment layers

Create animations

The program was created in 1990 by Adobe Systems.

A lot has changed since the program’s creation in 1990. Photoshop Elements is now a completely open source software project. Adobe makes a donation to the Linux Foundation for every copy of the software that is sold.

The basics

Elements has a few different folders:






You can navigate between them by clicking on the folders on the top menu.

You can select multiple images by clicking on them. You can also use the Shift, Ctrl and Alt keys to select multiple images at the same time.

To rename the selected images, you can double click on them or click on the name.

To cut out a part of the image, you can click on it and then you can click and drag on another part.

You can also use the Ctrl key to move objects around.

You can see the image preview at any time by clicking on the Preview button at the bottom. To change the size of the preview, you can use the Zoom tool.

You can also share images directly to social media, FTP, in HTML, a folder or the cloud.

You can see the image on your device’s screen by clicking on

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Here are the nine nominees for the Best Fan Fiction, a new category in this year’s Eisner Awards being presented tonight at New York’s Comic Con (or, as those of us who have attended in the past might remember, Comic-Con). Nominated for best fan fiction are:

Dr. Charles Knuckie, who created the fantabulous (pardon the pun) Jerry Potts with his fanfic “A Day in the Life of Jerry Potts” for “Webcomic” category.

The EC Horrorpalooza, which Richard Kelly and Scott Morse created as a big project to celebrate the 70th anniversary of EC Comics. Read it here.

Andrea and Joshua Englard wrote The Novella Kit, a collection of 14 short stories about mad scientists and their less-than-savory origins, and published it through Smoky Mountain Press.

And the rest of this year’s Best Fan Fiction nominees are:

The Renegades, a group of hackers who fight back against the cyber-crime that threatens humanity, has grown into a global movement, and now they’re out for blood.

Grace, a young ex-teenage mutant, has become a world-famous superhero after surviving an attack by the supervillain Arcade. Now she’s on the run from Arcade’s criminal associates – with help from new allies including three alluring teen mutants.

Dormammu, one of the most powerful demons in the Marvel Universe, returns from his confinement, as the Dark Dimension threatens all of existence.

Generation V — a super-hero team of mutants, created by the “X-Men” film franchise — is under the care of an unseen government agency — and it’s up to them to save their people from a terrifying fate.

The Preacher: To Serve Man, the long-gestating multi-issue post-apocalyptic miniseries from Skybound and IDW’s “Preacher” team, is finally complete — and it’s sure to draw a few fans to the pop-culture sandbox that is comics!

A fan-fiction retrospective of Jason’s adventures as Lt. Lobster on the fanfic site,

The Sorrow and the Joy, the only full-length science-fiction novella by

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