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OrientDB is a full-featured, open-source NoSQL database. It was born as a community project and is delivered as Apache 2.0 open-source software. It is 100% Java and written on a stable, high performance embedded Java Virtual Machine (JVM), allowing it to run in environments where the application server or OS do not meet the Java requirements.
OrientDB is the fastest, most reliable, full-featured, NoSQL database in the world. It has a maturity and stability that it is gaining steady adoption by the NoSQL community. OrientDB comes with Java, JRuby, Node.js, Perl, Python and PHP connectors allowing developers to target virtually any language and runtime environment.

Try out the new JavaScript API with the brand-new ODE-Lightweight Edition. Easily share data between your iOS and Android apps, and explore the available data models.
OrientDB has always been a query engine that operates on records. Now, though, you can structure your data to use as much or as little of the engine as you wish.
Have you ever wished to share the same data model between your Android and iOS apps? Your Windows app as well?
Sharing data between apps is tricky; however, OrientDB makes it a breeze to do so.
What is OrientDB?
OrientDB is a powerful and versatile relational database management system (RDBMS) for mobile platforms. It allows you to design and define your data as you wish, and also runs easily and efficiently on all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows.

OrientDB is a desktop or mobile Java database management system (DBMS) which was designed to be fast, lightweight and performant and the core of any Java application.
The 8th version of this fast and stable DBMS has been released today: OrientDB Enterprise Edition with Java 8 support.

With the latest release of OrientDB 2.0 the database engine offers a number of new features that completely
make it suitable for use in web applications. The key features are:
● A record layer API designed to make the database schema explicit and make it easier to work with.
● A new Java API with the core classes of OrientDB including Edge and Vertex classes.
● Support for the new ScalarChain API that helps to optimize the storage of large datasets and efficient joins.
● Native support of SQL functions.
● A fixed-layout VBO (Vector

OrientDB Community Edition [Win/Mac] [March-2022]

For the data volume of large databases, it is difficult to manage them or to administer them for a long period of time. By using the orient database operation (ODO), it is possible to retrieve data from the database that you need.
● It simplifies the large data volume of the server by storing data of various formats.
● It can be read from the query the entire database via SQL, which can be used at a later point.
● It can be used in various situations such as mobile, website, social network.
● It is possible to manage the server side by yourself
● It is possible to work with OrientDB as you would with a graph database.
● It is possible to store the data value of a table that has changed (upsert)
● You can monitor the server from the cloud dashboard
● That makes it easy to work with large amount of information

If you are using Access, then it is not possible to store records in the database through ODBC drivers. If you are using ODBC driver in Microsoft Access, then you can access the data in database, but you cannot insert, update, or delete the data in the database. This tutorial will explain how to connect the Access database using ODBC database server with java.
First, follow this link and download the db-access-odbc-jdbc-driver-1.2.5.jar file.
Then, you will need to create a standard ODBC DSN for Access. Go to ODBC Data Source Administrator and choose a driver name and choose ‘Access for JDBC’, and then create the ODBC data source name for the database. In this case, I am using ‘Staging for ODBC’ (all data which I enter for the website will be stored in the database. All users will enter data using the website).
1. then after creating a ODBC connection, you need to connect the database. In this tutorial, I am creating a java program and from the java project itself we will add the JDBC odbc driver JAR file, we can add as a resource and then we need to add the database connection.
You must set the connection string.

OrientDB Community Edition Download

OrientDB Community Edition is a free and open-source database management system. The goal of the project is to deliver a robust, yet fast database management system that can store a large number of records. Aside from its flexibility, one of the major advantages it prides itself on is the speed, which is due to the direct connections between records.
Simple configuration of the database server
The application requires no installation, but a quick look at the deployment instructions is recommended. First, make sure JDK is installed on your PC; then, start the server and assign a custom password to the ‘root’ user, a step that is needed only the first time you run OrientDB. Once you access the web-based dashboard, everything should run smoothly.
OrientDB Community Edition comes with an example database that you can explore while also offering the possibility to import a public database or even create a new one from scratch.
Execute database queries and manage records
The management dashboard enables you to execute database queries, featuring auto-complete options for the SQL and Gremlin languages. Queries can be easily bookmarked and stored in the history area, which helps you run them at a later time, without having to re-write the commands. The queries are executed by sending instructions to the OrientDB server via the HTTP/RESt and JSON protocols.
There are various types of data OrientDB Community Edition can store, assigning classes and attributes to each record. Similar entries are stored in clusters or, in other words, tables. What is interesting is that you can work with OrientDB as you would with a graph database, creating vertexes and edges to build the database structure.
Open-source database management system
While it uses a NoSQL engine, OrientDB Community Edition does require you to possess prior knowledge when it comes to working with databases since the language used in the manual is pretty specific.
It bundles all the advantages of a relational database management system, with plenty of options that can meet the requirements of the most demanding users, leaving it up to you to discover it all. And since it is delivered under an open-source license, it is definitely worth a try.This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. The opinions and information provided on this site are original editorial content of Sneaker News.

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What’s New In OrientDB Community Edition?

OrientDB is a database management system (DBMS) based on open-source and designed for big datasets that require high scalability, high performance, and high availability.
OrientDB Community Edition Description:
OrientDB Community Edition is the open source version of a professional commercial product that targets users that want to maximize the use of Java in creating distributed applications and services for big data.
Features of OrientDB Community Edition :
High performance, NoSQL database
Developers can build applications, use the database management system as a tool to allow its users to work with big data, e.g. in order to simplify the development of large-scale systems and interact with tens of millions of people in a single application. It can also be used as a tool to conduct research, management, and information storage.
Advantages of OrientDB Community Edition :
Build responsive and scalable applications
Easily create applications that include hundreds of thousands of items
OrientDB is truly a NoSQL database, so the SQL technology used in other database management systems is not needed, making the system easier to use and reducing the time and effort required to build it.
With OrientDB, you can save and retrieve data even when the app is not running, since it is accessible through a REST API that enables you to develop and host your application for the Internet.
Backing-up data
Automatically backup data and logs when the database is restarted, regardless of where the database has been run.
OrientDB can scale up to support a trillion of items in a single database.
A feature that can increase the scalability of the application is the replication of data across multiple servers.
OrientDB Community Edition has a web management interface for monitoring server health, performance, connectivity, and data usage.

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System Requirements For OrientDB Community Edition:

Intel ® Core™ i5-4570S, 4.0 GHz
Intel ® Core™ i5-3570S, 4.0 GHz
Intel ® Core™ i7-4790S, 4.0 GHz
Intel ® Core™ i5-6500, 3.5 GHz
Intel ® Core™ i7-6700, 3.4 GHz
Intel ® Core™ i5-6600K, 3

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