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Welcome back to the second year of The Adventure League and 2018 – many are celebrating the new and refreshed look of our website! Like many teams, ours have been slogging through the first week of D&D Encounters. We’ve been fighting our first encounter, the Ruins of Mirabar.

The Adventurers had a great day last Saturday; it’s always great to meet new faces!

In order to really understand the character I am playing, I have been playing a few games around the internet. This weekend, I played a Pathfinder campaign over on Cryptozoic and hunted some Giant Spiders with the Paizo team. Let’s take a quick look at how I ended up with my Pathfinder background and some knowledge of giant spider biology!

Just in time for last Saturday’s Pathfinder D&D 5th Edition game at Club Labyrinth, I ran a small adventure where the PCs were tasked with protecting a town from a hoard of Giant Spiders! We played in a local lab on MonsterQuest, which is a podcast dedicated to playing Pathfinder, 5th Edition, and the Pathfinder Adventure Path.

I had no particular intention of creating a YouTube video, but as it turns out, some players were interested in watching my game. Plus, I had the time while my friend was at work, and it seemed like a fun thing to do. I was terrified when they decided to have me film!

Last Saturday, we visited D&D Encounters at the Adventurers League in Seattle, Washington. We played our first D&D game ever on the Dungeon Master’s screen, and also played on our iPads. If you’re curious what the first session of D&D looks like, you can watch it here!

We left our safe house in the city to travel to a more rural farmhouse. The path to the farm was bumpy with a mix of dirt and clay, but it was a smooth ride!

After the adventure, we wanted to do something a bit different, and wanted to try

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