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The MMapper program is an easy-to-use, free, interactive and multi-user environment with integration and connectivity to the electronic gaming board, (electronic board or E-Board). It is aimed for the roleplaying groups where people take part in multiple stages of planning, development and playtesting at the same time.
Copy the program from the archive to the place where you install your MUME software.
Command line version:
MMapper is going to be installed in the following directories on Windows NT 4.0 (or higher):
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\MUME\MMapper
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\MUME\MMapper\BB
If your MS Windows NT installation directory is different from above, please make a note before installing the program.
The compatibility is not tested, but it seems to work fine.
Change the program by yourself to make it compatible for your needs.
MMapper auto-mapping:
MMapper is a mapping utility used to map areas of a board for each player to play. The program is written for the existing MUME software. You can set your parameters from the command line or use the in-game buttons to configure the auto-mapping.
Copy the program from the archive to the place where you install your MUME software.
Command line version:
MMapper -auto [options]
where [options] are:
-auto – opens the “Automap” dialog. Press “Map” to start the mapping.
-sdmt – Start the Debug Map Tool.
-nopreview – Do not open the preview window.
-fps – Turn on the frame counter.
-rrs – Show the recommended row-reserve sizes (for people with keyboards)
-vprom – Show the progress messages in the logger window.
-fn – Turn on the frame counter and start the mapping.
-sleep – Wait a given time before the mapping is executed (in seconds).
–help – Print the help window.

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MMapper is designed for the creation of multi-user roleplaying games (MUMEs) at a single computer, network server, or network terminal.
The multi-user nature of MUMEs makes them ideal for the creation of shared games.
MMapper supports any number of players.
Where the players are on different computers connected by a LAN or even over the internet, they are known as LAN-participants.
Where they are all on the same PC and use the same computer, they are known as Online-participants.
A MUME is built in the following way: A character is created on the PC of a player that then connects to a central server.
When that player connects to the server, a player account is created for him automatically.
When other players want to play with him (his LAN-participants) an assignment is made.
When the game is running, the server keeps a record of the players.
The players can issue commands or data messages to the server by using a command and data port (C&D) connection.
The game can be totally offline, where the characters are known as virtual characters, or can contain an online world, where the character of the main player on the server is known as a real character.
This allows for a large number of independent but related online worlds.
When a character is killed, its soul enters the current channel of the player that is currently playing on the server.
When an NPC is killed, its soul stays on the server.
If a character is killed, its soul is returned to the spirit realm.
A character’s properties, skills and equipment are known as items.
If you own more than one weapon and you reload, the weapon is put on the bottom of your inventory list.
MMapper Features:
A easy-to-use graphical user interface for creating and running MUMEs
A number of command and data ports (C&D ports) for the transfer of commands and data to and from the server
The ability to create and run multiple players with the same account
A chat-window for communication between the characters on the server
The ability to create and save an unlimited number of players
Multi-user maps and characters can be saved in several formats
Various items with their properties, skills and inventory
And much, much more…
Network Features:
Able to be run as a server (for unlimited players)
Each player has a unique account, which can

What’s New in the?

The first thing you need to know to use MMapper is that it is an application for managing (mapping) multi-user universes, or in other words, a roleplaying game.
MMapper reads and writes the archived data stored in the games folder. Due to the nature of MUME, which is an offline roleplaying game, the games folder is the only location where MMapper uses files.
MMapper, like all the tools which work with MUME, were created with the user-friendly design in mind. The user interface of MMapper is very simple and intuitive. All the basic actions you need to know are located on the main menu bar which includes several tabs. Using the main menu bar is even easier than using the tool’s simple menu system. The net browser opens a new window which you can use to explore the MUME network or other online games. You may download, unzip and install games. You can also find software packages and any kinds of games you need at the download web-page. The file manager is used to open files and directories. The program runs in the background when it’s not open.
If you use some third party tools, you can easily import them to MMapper. You can map new universes, read existing ones and see the details about each universe.
One thing you need to know that MMapper is able to read map data in the game folder and in the zip archive file if you used the expandora. If you use a different map editor, you need to convert the map data to the MMapper format using the import/export tool.
If you add the ‘%MUME%’ environment variable, MMapper will look for the game directories in the %MUME%\gamedir directory. So if you put the game directory in the \gamedir directory, MMapper will access the data in the game folder.
Please note that, MUME games can be downloaded from the MUME website or any other download sites.
Get to know MMapper by downloading it’s demo version. Learn to know the following features of the program:
Storage interface allows you to manage the games folder. You can use the storage interface to see and modify the properties of archived and new games, including the details about them. Also you can use it to manage games, edit game data, send and receive messages, auto-match players.
* Network interface allows you to connect to the MUME network, get games from it, contact

System Requirements For MMapper:

OS: Windows 7, Windows Vista
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: Video Card: NVidia GeForce GTS 250 or equivalent
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Disk: 4GB
Additional Notes: You will need to install the Crushing Compression Codecs from the Oculus Store.
Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent
Memory: 3GB RAM

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