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Since the answer mentions binary output, let’s also look at the other answer and explain the distinction between “binary file” and “binary data” – it’s important to know, since in some cases it makes a difference.
Binary file
A binary file is one that consists entirely of bytes, i.e. 8 bits (1 byte) at a time. Some file formats are strictly binary – e.g. *.exe and *.zip are both binary files.
Binary data
A binary data file is one that doesn’t consist entirely of bytes. It is not necessarily 8-bit (1 byte) long. For example, the Linux kernel source code contains billions of lines of code – but a single patch is a single-line delta (a text file).
Binary data (uncompressed)
A uncompressed binary file is one that is compressed in such a way that it can be read without decompression. This is how zips and exes work. This would be binary data (in the sense of binary file).
Binary data (compressed)
A compressed binary file is one that is compressed in such a way that it can be read without decompression. This is how most packages work; zip and deb are examples.
Uncompressed binary data
Uncompressed binary data is the same thing as binary data (i.e. data that is not compressed). They are both binary files. An file is a binary data file.
But a.deb file doesn’t contain data in any particular format (unlike a binary file). It contains an archive of data, and that’s what makes it different. It’s another binary file, but it’s compressed and at a high level of compression. A.deb file is not binary data; it is uncompressed binary data. (Also, you usually can’t read a.deb file without decompression.)
Relying on file extension alone is not very precise – for example, a zip file is a binary file, but you can unpack it without changing the file name.
See also my answers to this question and this question.

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