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| **Stop overshooting your clients!**

— | —

Stop overshooting your clients! The word overshoot can mean a lot of things, such as exceeding a projection by 1%, or by 50%, or even by 10%–any amount of space that exceeds what is needed. The client could even be paying you $500,000 to design a $25,000 logo, and you’re overshooting by 50%. Bad!

The solution to this problem is simple: use the client’s needs and limits to determine what your design needs to be. Sometimes you have to go back to the drawing board, modify your original layout, and then build from there. You may need to work with a new client, or potentially a new project manager, to determine exactly what is needed. In either case, the end-result still needs to be what the client is looking for, and that’s what is important.

What you need to be careful of is thinking that the limits you are working under are what is needed. Even if you do not produce a design meeting the limits, you may be overshooting. If this is the case, use the presentation features to minimize the error when presenting the design to the client.

* * *

## The Art of Graphic Design

Graphic design is the process of creating visual communication. The primary goal of a designer is to convey ideas and feelings through visual elements, such as typefaces, colors, and photographs. The process may start with a brief that describes the message or product to be communicated, and a designer creates the visual elements that help the message, product, or idea be recognized and understood.

There are many types of graphic design, including the following:

* **Typography:** The study of setting type, including typeface selection, weight, and size.
* **Layout:** The placement of text or other content in the design, such as columns, headlines, and page numbers.
* **Icons:** Small symbols that represent something larger than itself. Some of the most familiar icons are for Web sites, such as the logos for,, and Other icons are used for programs like Photoshop, for example.
* **Illustration:** The use of images as decoration, or to embellish a presentation, for example.
* **Animations:** A series of graphic elements repeated

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It’s easy to learn and gives a great learning curve as all the features are as easy to use and understand as in other “BIGGER” programs.

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Photoshop tutorials are an essential part of any graphic designer’s toolkit. While there are many resources, we recommend Erika Doornbosch’s free Photoshop tutorials for everything from how to create a seamless watermark for your work to creating elegant wall graphics from scratch.

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Ajax polling ‘batching’?

I have an ajax request, like so:
url: “../../../../ajax/find_email_bookmark.php”,
type: “POST”,
dataType: “json”,
success: function(data) {
$.each(data, function(index, item) {
$(“ul”).append(“” + item.title + “”);
complete: function() {
$(“li”).mouseleave(function() {

Obviously, it gets repeated until it runs out of data. I would just like to run it once every N seconds, say, then delete it from the cache and start over. Ideally there’d be some simple way to do this. I’m obviously fine with running it once every N seconds as a regular request, it’s just that I really really hate performing page refreshes in my app, if at all possible.
I’ve poked around in the setInterval function, but I’m not really sure how to use it, nor do I know how to tie it to ajax so as not to mess up the request somehow.


As it seems, this was a timeout issue, not an issue with AJAX.
So I just changed it to a straight-up javascript request loop.

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System Requirements:

An internet connection to the online server
Mac OS X
and Linux
A running Steam
Minimum specification is recommended for optimal gameplay.
Here is a quick breakdown of the resolution and other settings:
Screenshots and video links:
To move, use WASD/Left Arrow/Space.
Shift with WASD/Right Arrow/Home.
To target, use W/A/S/D/Left/Right.

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