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Photoshop’s features are accessed via menus and toolbars that you can move around your image. The large toolbars are useful for pixel-level editing, and the small menus provide additional shortcuts.

Photoshop uses an X-Y coordinate system where 0,0 is the top-left corner of the image. Working from left to right, one pixel is assigned to each X-axis position and one pixel horizontally down the Y-axis. Also, when you work on a grayscale image, the pixels are assigned 0–255 values instead of the usual 0–255 range. For RGB images, the pixels are assigned red, green, and blue component values.

## Working with Layers

You create an image using layers in Photoshop. Each layer defines a unique _space_ (area where a layer can be placed, be visible, and be altered) on the canvas. A layer can be completely transparent or completely opaque. A layer can include objects (text, logos, shapes, and so on) as well as raster images.

A _raster image_ is a digital, pixel-based image file that includes a representation of your design, such as a photo, a logo, or a vector shape. A raster image has pixels that determine the color and gray values of the image. Vector images (such as path, shape, and illustrator files) are instead defined by lines, curves, and points on the computer’s hard drive or web server.

In addition to managing its size and organization, layers in Photoshop give you a lot of control over the information in them. They control how much or how little of an object is visible and can be placed in any position in your image. Layers enable you to layer raster and vector images and even blend them together.

You work with layers in Photoshop, making them visible and invisible or hiding them altogether, by using the Layers panel. As shown in Figure 12-1, the Layers panel has a toolbar you can use to make more visible or to hide layers.

**Figure 12-1:** When you edit an image in Photoshop, you work with layers.

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Adobe Photoshop is one of the best-known and most used programs in the world. It comes in two versions — the paid desktop Photoshop and the free Web-based Photoshop CC.

It is still the most widely used software for photo editing and graphic design. Although it does not have the features of the more advanced professional editing options, it is an important tool for photo editing. The software that Adobe Photoshop is available for Windows (desktop), macOS (desktop and laptop) and Apple TV.

Today, Photoshop is usually considered a standard for many graphic designers. The reason it has such a high demand is that it is easy to use and powerful at the same time.

Learn how to create an image in Photoshop step-by-step and cover how to edit, work with layers, undo and redo, selecting, working with selections, filters and the content-aware fill tool.

Easy interface

Whether you are a beginner or experienced user, Photoshop is an easy program to use. Most of the features are available from the main toolbar and the menus are very straightforward.

Each icon on the toolbar provides access to specific tools.

Some free online web hosts offer paid accounts for a month or so that include access to the full version of Photoshop, but you will have to verify your account with your email to install the software or add it to a web gallery.

With the exception of simple tasks like adding a border or creating a new document, the workflow in Photoshop is based on layers. With this method of working, it is easy to move or remove any part of the picture.

It is possible to use only black or white pixels, but it is easier to work with layers. There are two types: original and adjustment layers.

Adjustment layers can contain filters, effects, or additional adjustment layers.

With the selection tool you can cut out parts of your pictures that you may want to use for a new photo. You can then duplicate this layer, transform it, crop it and then add color and patterns to the edges of the picture.

The most used selection tool is the magic wand tool. You can choose any part of the picture and select it with the magic wand. Once this tool has found the selection, the other tools are disabled and only the results are displayed.

Another tool that Photoshop offers is the eyedropper, where you can choose any color and see what it looks like in your picture.

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