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No matter what kind of graphics you make, whether for work or for fun, we have always found tutorials on how to create effects in Photoshop without too much effort.

With a simple technique, you can edit your images easily. To make an anime eye using Photoshop, for example.

Although there are many websites that make tutorial videos on how to create effects and Photoshop skills using effects, we have been always getting messages from our readers asking about how to do it.

Because Photoshop is a very powerful software, you should know some of the skills before using it, in order to make more interesting photo effects.

In this article, we will show you all the Photoshop tutorials we can think of. If we forget something, be sure to comment and let us know.

How to flip a photo horizontally in Photoshop

Flipping a photo horizontally is the best way to create your own photo effects. This also gives more space and freedom when creating new images.


Step 1: Open your photo and select the Flip Horizontal tool

Step 2: Hold the Ctrl key and move the mouse to the right side

Step 3: Release the Ctrl key, click and drag the layer to flip it horizontally

This video tutorial will help you to flip a photo horizontally.

Create the Hexagon Effect in Photoshop

Don’t you want to create a hexagon shape in Photoshop using this technique?


Step 1: Open Photoshop. Click on New from the File menu, or use the keyboard to select the Create a new document icon

Step 2: Press Ctrl+ A to select everything in the canvas

Step 3: Press Ctrl+C to copy your canvas

Step 4: Choose Object > Expand Appearance to expand the polygon object. Give it a stroke to give the shape more shape and color.

Step 5: Press Ctrl+ Alt + C to copy the polygon shape and paste it to a new layer. Then, use any painting tool to add some color, you can even use the Brush tool.

You can make your images look amazing and unique with this technique

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To use a Brush or Clone Stamp, open an image in Photoshop and navigate to the Tool panel at the bottom of the window. Click on an icon to see the tool associated with it, or scroll through a list of currently available tools.

You can also access the Brush dialog box by choosing Edit > Brush from the menus or pressing Alt+B. From here you can select a Brush type (see the next section), access a variety of settings, and preview the effect. Click OK to apply the Brush to your image.

You can customize the Brush settings using the same controls as the Brush tools. For example, you can use the Roundness slider to control the shape of the brush tip. You can also set the amount of pressure and size of the brush hair; the size is measured in Brush Tip Size, or in its abbreviated form, BT. You can use the Opacity slider to control how much of the image to select when using the Brush.

When you first select a Brush tool in Photoshop, there will be icons at the end of the Tool bar to help you to decide where to use the tool. For example, the Brush tool can be used to paint on a layer, or it can be used to composite (stitch) an image to another. You can find out more about layers and the different types of editing tools in Chapter 3.

To change the settings for a Brush, go to the Brush panel in the Tool panel, as shown in Figure 2-9. The Brush panel includes a variety of settings for the Brush tool, including the ability to customize the shape of the brush tip, the brush shape, and the size of the brush hairs.

You can also access a number of other tools from this panel, including the Gradient Tool, the Eraser, the Blur Tool, and the Pencil tool. You can access the Pencil tools on the tablet of your choice; they are not available in Photoshop.

To save the Brush settings for a particular tool, right-click on the icon, choose Preferences, and click the option Save Brush Settings. You can then access the tool settings at any time.

FIGURE 2-9: The settings for the Brush tool are found here.

You can switch between the Brush panel and the Tool panel by using the menu at the top of the Photoshop window. Click the command down arrow next to the Brush panel menu item and choose the Tool panel from

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Google App Engine datastore query with one-to-many relationship

I’ve got a “Book” model with books and “Author” models with authors.
I have to find the authors of a book and their emails (amongst other things).
I’ve used the “text search” feature for the book’s text to get the book that contains the query, but this will get every author (that’s not what I want) and return a list of all of them in the same result set.
I tried the “in” query (as shown in the appengine datastore docs), but it makes a Query object and I can’t find a way to create an instance of the book and author model.
Is there a way to filter the results by the book, instead of returning all authors?


The easiest solution would be to fetch the items in one go as a one-to-many relationship in a single Query object.
author_keys = Author.all().filter(“book_id =”, books_id).fetch(books_id, “author”)

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