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How do I call a method on a base class I don’t know?

Lets say I have an abstract base class:
public abstract class GameObject : MonoBehaviour

And another class that extends the base GameObject class:
public abstract class GameObjectPrefab : GameObject

Now, I want to invoke a method in the abstract base class, but I only know its name:

How can I do this? I get a compiler error because I don’t have that method in my GameObjectPrefab class.


Referencing abstract methods
If you have a concrete (non abstract) class A which extends abstract class A_Base, and another concrete class C which extends A_Base:
A a;
C c;
a.A_Method(); // Should work, because you can call an abstract method from a
c.A_Method(); // since A_Base is an abstract class

Using reflection
However you can also use the static method Object.GetType().GetMethod(“TypeOfMethod”, new[] { typeof(object) }).Invoke(null, new object[] { GameObject }); to call an abstract member of a class.
Reflection is not a good idea if you don’t know what your calling:
a = new C(); // Livedeps will not be called if you just do reflection

In the above example, if you are using MonoBehavior and not just putting it in another class, you can still call MemberwiseClone directly which is much safer.
Reflection is more used when you know the name of the method, and need to call it. This is slower than directly calling the methods, but you are safe from Livedeps and you can also call abstract methods directly.


The best solution would be the the factory pattern, in which you delegate the creation of the GameObject to some other class. This way you can be sure that only classes you specifically create can be constructed.
This is a very clean and extensible pattern, but if you have a lot of different classes and/or classes that extend the same base class, I’d say

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