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# Adobe Photoshop Photo Books

_The Insider’s Guide to Photoshop: How to Use the Most Popular Digital Photo Editing Software in the World_ (Chronicle)

_Photoshop: The Complete Guide to Digital Photo Editing_ (John Wiley & Sons)

_Photoshop CS6: Digital Photography for Photographers_ (John Wiley & Sons)

## Convert Images

Almost all today’s cameras have the ability to store or convert images in a variety of formats. The new Nikon D3200 has an option to convert RAW images to JPEGs, JPEGs to JPEGs, JPEGs to TIFFs, RAW to JPEG, RAW to TIFF, JPEG to TIFF, or RAW to RAW. It can handle up to 10 types of RAW conversions.

## Fix Light and Color Issues

The ability to adjust brightness, color, contrast, saturation, and sharpness is available on many of today’s cameras, providing the photographer with just the right amount of control over the image, which gives it more impact and meaning.

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Adobe Lightroom is a professional photo management application with a focus on image editing. It allows users to quickly enhance, organize and deliver their photographs. Lightroom can be used to handle a variety of different tasks including designing high-quality images, uploading to online marketplaces and working with social media and blogs. The program has the ability to work with multiple photos simultaneously. A single image can be simultaneously opened in multiple viewing modes.


Apple X-Series

As of late 2015, Apple’s X-Series Cinema Display is the only current model with a 4K resolution. In the first series of Cinema Displays (19.5″ and 21.5″ models), the pixel resolution was 720p (1280×824), a full-HD resolution. The 27-inch model (with resolution 2560×1600) was introduced at the launch of the MacBook Pro 15” with Retina display. The MacBook Pro (13-inch model) became the first laptop computer with a 4K resolution display when it was released in June 2015, with a 2680×1800 resolution.

The iPad Pro, however, was the first commercial device to feature a 4K resolution display, when the iPad Pro (12.9-inch model) was released in October 2015, with a 2048×1536 resolution. debuted the first 21.5-inch 4K display at an event in late 2013.

Razer Chroma

The Razer Chroma gaming keyboard has 10 programmable color-change zones, allowing each key to be customized to any of the 10 different colors. Razer has three types of customization modes: sync, per-game and in-game. Sync mode sets the colors for all 10 zones as a user set it up at the beginning of the game. The per-game function sets the color for each key separately based on a user-defined function. In-game mode lets users switch between a user set function and the in-game function. Color can also be changed by other devices connected to the Chroma system.


As of October 2009, digital book production has become possible with the availability of multiple digital book producers, including: Adobe’s Digital Press, ibooks, Epicenter Books, Riverdale Press, and Sony’s eBook Factory. The relative ease of ebook production has made it attractive to authors and publishers. Some publishers even claim digital books are more expensive to produce and distribute than the paper

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