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Prevent duplicate xml elements in DOM

I’m making an xml parser in python and I want to prevent double quotation marks.
The elements I am reading are like this: “Joe & Mary”. I want to replace the element with just “Joe & Mary”. I then want to remove the quotation marks around the values I replace.
The current way I am doing this is by transforming the string to an xml object. Then I use the regular xml.etree.ElementTree.minidom.pull_dom method to get the “body” element of the xml tree. Then I put the new body into a fresh xml tree. Then I create the root node, add the new xml and change the type of the new root element. Then I transform the new tree back to string. This works, but is there a more elegant solution? I tried using regex, but I did not understand it well enough and only ended up with error messages.


Define the element tree as follows:
root = ElementTree.fromstring(xml_string)

and use remove_element() (or ElementTree.remove() if the element is the first child of its parent) to delete the element:
# remove the first element
first_element = root.find(name_you_want_to_delete)

# remove the last element
last_element = root.find(name_you_want_to_delete)

For the second task, you could define a new element first:
# creating and setting root
root = ElementTree.Element(‘root’)
root.set(‘name’, ‘Joe & Mary’)

# creating and setting a new element
# don’t forget to add the self_cl

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