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A method for the determination of triethyleneglycol (tri-EG) in the serum by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) was developed. Tri-EG was first separated from the serum by the extraction with ethylacetate and butylacetate, and then determined by HPLC using an ODS column and a mobile phase of n-hexane/2-propanol/2 mM KH2PO4 (50/30/20, v/v/v). The detection was performed with a fluorescence detector. Mean recoveries were higher than 93.0%, and the reproducibility was good. The minimal detectable concentration of tri-EG was 0.5 mg/dl. Serum tri-EG level in the dog after the transfusion of a 5% tri-EG solution was examined by this HPLC method, and the level after the transfusion was almost the same as that after the administration of sodium glycolate solution.The invention relates to a new controlled storage system and more particularly to a new system adapted to store an on-site supply of dry ice or carbon dioxide for use in commercial and industrial establishments in which the dry ice or carbon dioxide must be kept in a dry, sub-freezing state.
The use of dry ice for refrigeration and cold storage has come to be widely accepted, particularly in the food processing industry. Dry ice is an ice-like material that is manufactured by the sublimation of solid carbon dioxide, or by the liquefaction of solid carbon dioxide at low temperatures. Dry ice is extremely useful in maintaining food products in a frozen state since it has the property of sublimation; that is, carbon dioxide in solid form is converted to gases at very low temperatures. The process of sublimation is also utilized in many industrial situations to remove moisture or other vapors from compressed air.
Dry ice is used for such a wide variety of commercial and industrial purposes because the rate at which the carbon dioxide can be sublimated is independent of ambient temperature. Thus, the dry ice can be frozen or kept at any given temperature for an extended period of time without becoming frozen or losing its desirable refrigerating properties. Although dry ice is used primarily

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