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## **Chapter 3
Getting Started with Photoshop**

Not every image is suitable for using Photoshop to edit. For example, if an image has a bold color scheme, you should probably not use Photoshop to edit it. Digital images are best kept very subtle and simple — just like traditional printing.

That said, Photoshop is an invaluable tool for all photographers, whether you want to enhance your existing images or just get started with creating new ones. In this chapter, we discuss all the basics you need to know in order to understand what’s possible with Photoshop, how to work with layers, and the basics of using the tools for image editing. We also cover the camera control features to help you fine-tune your images.

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If you’re not the best and most experienced Photoshop user, you may wonder how will you edit images if you have never worked with this software before.

You can use the following Photoshop shortcuts to enhance productivity and help you edit images faster and better than ever.

1. Delete & Undelete Frequently Used Features

In this blog, I will help you quickly find frequently used tools and commands you use over and over again without having to click on menus repeatedly.

You can use the Delete button to quickly get rid of items you no longer need.

If you find the image was accidentally deleted during your project, you can recover the lost image with the Undelete feature.

2. Jump to Image Hint

You can type a keyword to display an image in a sidebar without clicking a menu. Hint will allow you to get to any image, even those in subfolders, without having to click on a menu.

3. Save in Photoshop Creative Cloud

Save as a new file from Photoshop Creative Cloud gives you the option to save your image at different resolution, to do some pre-processing for better results, and to add metadata.

You don’t have to pick a resolution or size and then save, it will save them automatically based on the file size you have chosen.

4. Save Images As (FFMPEG)

Save images in different formats gives you more flexibility and makes it easier to share them with other users, websites, social media platforms and more.

Here are all the options you can include in your image format settings:

Free: A free version. (Maximum image size: 5000 x 5000 pixels)

Small: Smaller file size

Medium: Medium file size

Large: Larger file size

5. Use Image Blocks

Image blocks are optimized for viewing all the images on your timeline within a single window. This saves time and lets you quickly navigate through your images.

6. Show Framed View

The Framed View option lets you see the frame for all frames within a file.

This is ideal if you create layered PSD files.

7. Show Guides

This feature will display the guides for all layers in a document.

8. Convert Images to CMYK

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using Abp.Dto;
using YoYoCms.AbpProjectTemplate.Dto;
using YoYoCms.AbpProjectTemplate.MultiTenancy;

namespace YoYoCms.AbpProjectTemplate.Dto.Index
/// Get page
public class GetPageIndexInput
/// The page name of the page.
public string PageName { get; set; }

/// The page slug of the page.
public string PageSlug { get; set; }

/// If the page should be open.
public bool IsOpen { get; set; }
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A DAYS wedding is set to kick off on December 23 at the Piazza Osteria, Jones’ Park, Belfast.

A DAYS wedding is set to kick off on December 23 at the Piazza Osteria, Jones’ Park, Belfast.

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What’s New In?


Zipcode for US or CA, etc?

I’m going to be creating a Database that has a zipcode field that I want it to accept zip codes for all 50 US States, as well as all of the Canadian Provinces.
So is there a way for me to identify which country the zipcode is for to get all of the correct data? Or is there a way to essentially create a multi-country zipcode?
Or could I programmatically find the correct zipcode for the user based on their current location?


The thing about zip codes is they’re pretty meaningless. A postal code is (usually) a bit of a cluster of zip codes. One of the side effects of this is that if you don’t provide some kind of area code, no postal code will match (you can get zip codes for whole cities, states, countries etc but they don’t have meaning unless you know where they are).
The best solution would probably be to look at the geographical location of the user, and find a postal code database to match that. But not really having a zip code isn’t an issue as we do it pretty well in the UK (although usually that’s not meant to be taken as an example of zip codes, as they’re complicated and hard to use).


The solution here is typically that we don’t need to know the zip code but rather should be able to provide a geographic location. Typically you want something like a latitude/longitude of the person.
This means that you could query a massive database like and get back a long/lat that will be close to the one you requested. You can query it for either a city, state/province, country, postal code and more.


In all but very few cases the US postal codes do not correspond to exact US borders, and a one-size-fits-all solution does not work. A census database may give some hints to the US Census Bureau to define and publish the postal code.

(The user who posted the answer linked to an article published in 2006, which discussed the subject of postal codes, and the Census Bureau’s policy on them. Although it is still valid as far as the US government is concerned, it seems to no longer be valid in the real world as the Census Bureau itself has just become a Bureau of the US Department of Commerce rather

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