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* _Adobe Photoshop: An Overview_
* _Adobe Photoshop Tutorials: Getting Started_
* _Adobe Photoshop Tutorials: Effects, Layers, and Paths: Basics_
* _Adobe Photoshop Tutorials: Select, Paint, Paint/Lasso, Fill, Adjustment Layers, Blending_
* _Adobe Photoshop Tutorials: Layers, Clipping_
* _Adobe Photoshop Tutorials: Painting Basics_
* _Adobe Photoshop Tutorials: Text, Drawing, and Drawing Basics_
* _Adobe Photoshop Tutorials: Vector, Conversions_
* _Adobe Photoshop Tutorials: Photo Manipulation_
* _Adobe Photoshop Tutorials: Painting in Photoshop_

With this book, you will learn how to use all the features of the program to create images that are your own. You will learn to use the various tools in Photoshop, and you will learn how to work the system in the most efficient manner.

## Checking Out the Masterpieces of the Photo World

Photoshop contains many tools that can be used to create and alter images. This section reviews some of the powerful tools that can help you when working with a digital camera.

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Features of Photoshop Elements

Similar to Photoshop CS6, Photoshop Elements has a highly useful Image Processor to make duplications and transformations from one version of an image to another. It is important to know that the image processor has three modes:

• “Image Processor” mode: which gives the opportunity to use a series of tools to transform the image.

• “Raster Effects” mode: which allows to personalize a specific part of the image to get a more personal touch.

• “Raster Effects” mode: which allows the user to use filters and effects, such as blur, ripple, levels, contrast, etc.

There are also three shape tools: Line, Rectangle and Ellipse, along with Text and Vector options.

The “Image Processor” mode uses many tools to help you edit your photos. These tools are:

– Spot healing: using the sensor in the camera, this tool makes it possible to automatically get rid of scratches on the borders or black spots on the photographs.

– Healing: the tool automatically corrects any defect in your picture, eliminating dithering.

– Clone: allows the user to create a duplicate of the selected area of the image.

– Eraser: allows the user to remove any selected area of the image.

– Burn: allows the user to remove unwanted sections of the image.

– Sharpener: changes the sharpness of the image.

– Smudge: allows the user to change the color of selected areas of the image.

– Remove Background: removes any background from the image.

There are also various filters, 20 Levels and 3 sharpness levels.

You can see all the features of Photoshop Elements in our tutorial on the right.

Adobe Photoshop is world renowned for its features and quality. Its latest version is available as a standalone application and it is one of the most used image editing applications. To learn everything about Photoshop CS6, you can read the following tutorial.

Photoshop CS6 tutorials and guides

The amount of information related to Photoshop is just limitless. You can also find tutorials with all the essential Photoshop functions, such as photo retouching, image design, web design, illustration and more.

Photoshop Tutorials Online

If you are confused about your next project, you can also find Photoshop tutorials online and specific groups of

Portraiture Plugin For Photoshop 7 Free Download

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No content in Silverlight 4.0 application

I’m working on a Silverlight 4.0 application. When I run the application, the only content shown is a button (“Hello world”). I want to load a.xap file. I added it as an external XML in the project. Does anybody know what I can do?


Looks like your Silverlight application is not being started. I don’t know why this is happening, but it is!
You’ll need to create a blank application, you’ll get an empty page and finally you’ll be able to add your controls and then run your app.
I think I see what is happening… You need to host your Silverlight in a.xap file, so that every time you run the application, it will start to execute from that Silverlight dll. You have to configure your project to do this from your xaml file. Go to file menu -> properties and open your Silverlight properties. Then on left sidebar, go to Build and on top, click on “Application” and choose “Native Starter Application”. This will create a.xap file with your silverlight application in it. Once you run it, you should see it start, if not, keep looking.

In the run up to Eurovision, we asked the fun loving ESCrons how their favourite songs have changed over the years…

What is this Eurovision Song Contest thing? Is it a man? A woman? Are the songs any good? What will my ever-frustrating boyfriend think of this? And most importantly of all…

When is it on?

Afternoon. Or early evening. Or maybe at 1am?

You know you love it, but what is it? You’ve heard it and you know it, but you just can’t put your finger on what it is. Is it, you know, somewhat traditional, perhaps even in some way ‘edgy’? Is it quirky? Or is it all over the place and could be rock, rap or something completely different?

As you can see from the above examples, Eurovision is a real mixture of genres. But it all started in 1956 in the small town of Lucerne, Switzerland.

What is in a name?

A lot. There was no song title actually, as modern day Eurovision entries all have to. Instead, each

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP (64bit)
Processor: Pentium 4 or later 2.4Ghz or AMD equivalent (128 or 256 bit per core)
Memory: 1G
Video Card: 32MB video card or higher, nVidia, ATI, or Intel equivalent.
DirectX: Version 9.0c
If you are not sure which video card you have, you can download a video card utility from here: If you are not sure

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