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Finding the area of the rotated rectangle problem

The probability density function of a random variable $X$ is given as $f(x)=c$ for $x\in (0,1)$ and $f(x)=0$ otherwise. What is the value of $c$?

So I just want to draw the interval where it is non-zero and then find the area.
I was thinking of doing it by doing $P(X 1$. We look for the solution to $P(XQ:

Force close for new project, but not for existing project

I have a weird problem. My app was working fine, but now when I open a new project it forces closes instantly. While I am coding, it does not force close. Its only when I open a new project and run.
I have not changed any code. I have not installed any new apps or anything on the device.
Someone please help me.


Check for force close log. Check out here (NOTE : Please use latest version of ADB

Compare listings

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