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1. **Select a photo and then go to the Edit menu and choose the Lens Correction menu item.**

If your camera supports a Lens Correction feature, you see the Lens Correction option, as shown in Figure 5-1.

FIGURE 5-1: The Lens Correction feature makes changes to your perspective and other features.

The Lens Correction feature can correct various types of lens distortion, as shown in the figure. It can also change the field of view of your camera. (Note: Adjusting the field of view in this way is a one-way street. The field of view can’t be decreased.)

The Lens Correction feature works best with camera lenses that support the full lens correction feature that is available on some professional-grade lenses. This feature includes additional distortion, field of view, vignette, flare, and distortion correction.

When you use the Lens Correction feature to adjust the field of view, the field of view appears in black because that setting has already been made. But if you then use the Autofocus feature, the camera automatically adjusts to the new setting.

2. **Select Lens Correction (in the menu shown inFigure 5-1) and then click the Pick button, and you can see a menu of correction types, as shown inFigure 5-2.**

The Lens Correction menu displays the Lens Correction menu in Figure 5-2. You can see the same menu when you choose the Lens Correction option on the Quick Control screen, as shown in Figure 5-3.

FIGURE 5-2: When you use the Lens Correction feature, you see a menu that enables you to make lens-correction adjustments.

FIGURE 5-3: When you view the Lens Correction option on the Quick Control screen, the Lens Correction menu appears.

You can also see the Lens Correction menu when you display the Lens Correction feature in the Adjustments panel, as shown in Figure 5-4. Lens Correction is a type of adjustment shown in the Adjustments panel. See the section “Adjusting Image Aspect,” later in this chapter, for details about this panel.

FIGURE 5-4: The Lens Correction option is available in the Adjustments panel.

## Changing Picture Styles

The Picture Styles feature enables you to quickly apply a preset correction setting to your image. You then have the option of saving your image with the setting, or you can apply the settings to another photo. In this

Photoshop Camera Raw 9.10 Download Crack+

In this article we will walk you through the all the menus you can use and we will teach you different methods to use to get results.

The Basics

In Photoshop Elements you can have a specific image, crop/rotate and stretch/smash it for a zoom effect.

More Details

To use Photoshop Elements all you need is a current version of the program.

You can download it for Mac and Windows here:

To import images you can use the following

From your computer, you can drag and drop the image you want to edit.

You can drag and drop the image you want to edit. When you are importing photos or other files into Photoshop Elements you want to save them in JPEG format. When you save in JPG format you may have pixelation in the future if you import the image in Elements and you do not have an up-to-date version of the software.

You can format the image using the following

There are three ways of displaying an image in Elements.

You can open a photo by clicking on the icon you want. You can drag-and-drop the image to the workspace.

To save the image, you can right click and select “Save as”.

You can publish images online to websites like Flickr, WordPress or Facebook. It is especially useful for bloggers and Pinterest users. You must know what you are doing as elements can add small icons to your photos and you can easily undo these changes.

Here are some of the most used features of the program.

Crop an image.

The image is divided into different parts;

Type of crop

Left Side of the image

Top, Middle, Bottom

Right Side of the image

Center Top, Middle, Bottom

The ‘Left‘, ‘Top‘, ‘Bottom‘ and ‘Right‘ options are usually used when you want to keep the empty space behind the picture.

The ‘Center‘ option is usually used to cut the top or bottom part of the photo and keep the rest.

Rotate an image.

You will need to drag the image you want to rotate.









Photoshop Camera Raw 9.10 Download

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