BEST Crack Windows Activation AIO 2010 Activator ALL In ONE 📎

BEST Crack Windows Activation AIO 2010 Activator ALL In ONE 📎

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CRACK Windows Activation AIO 2010 Activator ALL In ONE

Please help me i want to download Activator for WUBI or Wua like ge-aero-0.5.4 for
See my previous post in this forum:
I have searched the entire net and found no solutions which apply.

I will attach the files in the zip to get a feel for it.
I found a way to get the Activator 2010 file to this link :

Follow these steps and you may be able to crack the activation out of it.

===== Step 1 ====

Follow the instructions on the download page.

===== Step 2 ====

Open Notepad and change the following:

“HashCode” to “MyHashCode” (without quotes).

“Administrator Hash” to “MyAdminHash” (without quotes).

===== Step 3 ====

Save the file as “” and extract it.

===== Step 4 ====

Open the folder created in step 3 and go to the file named “win32aio”.

===== Step 5 ====

Open the file called “win32aio.bat” in notepad and delete the code from line 83 to 100.

===== Step 6 ====

Save the file called “win32aio.bat” in step 5 and run it using notepad.

===== Step 7 ====

Press “Start” from the black bar at the top of the screen.

===== Step 8 ====

A message box will appear with the activation code.

===== Step 9 ====

Run the program as administrator and press “Next”.

===== Step 10 ====

Your WUBI or Wua will be cracked out of it.

*If this doesn’t work.

I noticed that the hashes in step 3 are different from the hashes in Step 9.
Is there a possibility that the hashes are the same, but this hack doesn’t work because of a different pre 7 patch version.


November 14, 2013

Code C:

SOS: Windows Activation AIO 2010 Activator {hacktool}

You will hear over and over again that your computer is in activex, it may be in use by a antivirus, it may be used by a porn or something else.

One method we propose in our activation system is to consider as non malicious a feature that the users are used for.

Activation of this type is not always done on a major operating system. A new patch is sometimes released on the 20th of April, the 20th of May, the 20th of June and so on. There is never anything to say to the user: “activation is required”.

We propose to bypass this problem by using an activation system that is automatic.

Activation is achieved by the introduction of an executable file. When the user starts up his operating system, the activation system is displayed in a pop up box. The user may agree by clicking on the OK button, or refuse by clicking on the CANCEL button.

The executable file is installed on the hard drive. It is exactly as if the user had activated his computer. The only difference is that the activation is automatic.

It is a question of non destructive programming.

December 26, 2013

Windows 7 activation is considered by many users as a massive inconvenience when compared to the activation on Windows XP.

What we will detail below has been studied. It was done many years ago when we had to activate the first Windows, such as Windows 95, 98, etc..

After installation, the activation process consists in a user written code. For a single activation of Windows, the code is approximately 2.5 kB.

The reason that Microsoft made Windows 7’s activation identical to Windows XP’s is that they didn’t anticipate many people would like to re-activate their Windows 7 once it expires. Since this operation costs nothing, people will use it as much as possible.

Microsoft didn’t anticipate that people would reactivate a computer to become less active, they anticipate the opposite. It is therefore normal for people to install the official registry keys in order to speed up the procedure.

The most widely used method is “Online activation”. It consists in a client system which is online throughout the activation procedure. It is possible to include a server activation system.

The methods commonly used are:

Activate 1st Windows then

Compare listings

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