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Learn Photoshop for beginners online

Why is Photoshop so popular?

Photoshop was created by Silicon Graphics as a complete image editor for personal and professional use. It lets users create most common editing operations that involve layers and a large number of selected objects.

Adobe Photoshop CC lets users edit, combine, and arrange layers in an image and apply filters and effects with the same tools used by professional graphic artists.

The full version (CC) is needed for the extra features.

Features of Adobe Photoshop

Photo Sharing

Sharing photos by social media has become an integral part of modern digital photography. Editing with Photoshop makes it easier for your friends and followers to see the results of the photo edits you’ve made.

A Photoshop photo editing program makes it easy to create customized social media and email shareable images that look professional.

Easy to Use

Photoshop is easy to use. It’s designed to do just what it says on the box: edit digital images. Its extensive toolbox includes a large number of specialized tools that let the user perform a wide variety of tasks, including:

Adding and removing objects

Making various adjustments to colors and brightness

Cropping and resizing images

Cropping an image and then adding or removing objects from the cropped area

Making image edits that are important to certain types of media such as newspapers, broadcasting and other types of publications

Retouching portraits to make skin and eyes appear more lively

Creating special effects and performing color adjustment

Making changes to images to create the look of various types of media

Styling a photo to make it look more appealing

Photoshop uses the same commands as the Windows OS so it is easy to find a tutorial that covers Photoshop basics.

Adobe Photoshop can be used to edit JPEG and RAW files.

Speed and Performance

Adobe Photoshop is a fast, highly productive program for just about any kind of image editing. In fact, you can work on a multipage image within seconds, and you’ll have dozens of images (or even hundreds) waiting for you when you quit the program.

While there are other image editors on the market, such as Photoshop Elements, the number of features and speed of Photoshop make it the industry leader.

It is generally agreed that it is not all that easy to transfer images between different programs, and while the online community and salespeople can help you with editing images

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Photoshop is an industry standard for image processing. It makes creating digital content an easy and enjoyable process.

When creating images with Photoshop, you’ll be using layers to create effects, add text, draw shapes, and edit the background.


A layer is a transparent area of an image file that you can add effects to. You can edit a layer any way you want and then move it around any other area of the image file. The original photo and the layer remain together.

Some layers have a transparent background. The background is so transparent that you can see right through it. The background layer has no text, shapes, or other objects on it.

Other layers have a solid background. The background is color or transparent.

To use a Photoshop layer, you must have Photoshop open and selected the image file in which you want to create a new layer. You can create a new layer and place it anywhere in the image by using the Layer icon on the top menu bar (Figure 2).

Figure 2: The Layer icon in Photoshop’s top menu bar.

Once you open the layer icon, you can click and drag the icon anywhere on the image file to create a new layer and make it transparent. Once the layer is completely transparent, you can edit it. Once the layer is finished, you can close it by clicking the window frame and choosing Close or by pressing the space bar.

When you place a new layer on top of an existing layer, the new layer is above the existing layer, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3: A new layer is placed on top of an existing layer.

Layer Order

When you create a new layer, you can drag and drop it on the top or bottom of the layers.

When you drag a layer, Photoshop automatically adds it to the current layer. If you drag a new layer to the bottom of the layers, that layer is placed on top of the previously added layer.

If you drag a layer to the top of the layers, you can change the order of the layers. Click on a layer, and drag it to the top of the layers. Photoshop automatically removes the layer you select and adds the layer to the layers above it (Figure 4).

Figure 4: You can drag and drop the layers to customize the order.

Layers that are on top of the layers have higher priority. After you click and drag

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Bash – verify a double ended pipe

I have a pipe that connects 2 processes. The process on the end of the pipe does not write to it and I want to verify that with bash. This is what I currently have:

function do-execution {
echo >${PRO_PIPE[1]}
sleep 10
echo $*

# Double Pipe

if [ -z $PRO_PIPE[1] ]

if [ -e $PRO_PIPE[1] ]
do-execution $PRO_PIPE[1] $PRO_PIPE[2]
do-execution $PRO_PIPE[2] $PRO_PIPE[1]
unset PRO_PIPE

However, running this, I am getting a type mismatch error that is complaining about the pipe not being double ended. What am I missing here?


The reason why you get the error is that the variables PRO_PIPE[2] and PRO_PIPE[1] do not exist, so you are trying to assign the string “PRO_PIPE” to them.
You don’t have to test the end of the pipe for existence. The contents of the pipe are automatically closed, you just have to close the ends yourself. In the example below, the endpoints of the pipe are both connected to a buffer variable:

(echo foo; echo bar; echo foo) | \
tee -a “$buf” | \
bash “$buf”


If you don’t want a buffer and don’t want the output redirected, the technique below works (note that the error is due to lack of quotes around $PRO_PIPE

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Date for the first bharam:

Originally Posted by Pinji

I want to marry my life partner. But I am also interested in dating and getting married. Please tell me, which is better or what should I do?

1. Will I get any marriage proposal in this life from someone’s family?
2. Which one is better for my life: this stage or this married stage?
3. Please tell me what is the best way or when is the best time to approach someone to propose marriage to me?

Re: Date for the first bharam:

Originally Posted by Parivuthy

1. Will I get any marriage proposal in this life from someone’s family?
2. Which one is better for my life: this stage or this married stage?
3. Please tell me what is the best way or when is the best time to approach someone to propose marriage to me?

1. There is no guarantee. However, it is a good strategy to go for a proposal while still single. One by one, you do not know where this process will lead you.

2. It is not better for your life to be in this stage for all your life. Marriage is a part of life and it should not be denied.

Re: Date for the first bharam:

Originally Posted by thread writer

1. Will I get any marriage proposal in this life from someone’s family?

Assuming you are a suitable match, yes. It is a good idea to do so.

Assuming you are in your 20s or 30s, you have a good chance.

If, on the other hand, you are more mature, you have a lower chance.

2. Which one is better for my life: this stage or this married stage?

It is better to be married for your life. But you can live happily as a single person.

3. Please tell me what is the best way or when is the best time to approach someone to propose marriage to me?

It depends on what you do to attract the attention of the person you are

System Requirements For Download Photoshop Android Mod Apk:

[Recommended: HAVOK and above, more info on this in “Tips”]
[Recommended: 1024×768 Resolution, More info on this in “Tips”]
[Recommended: 2.3.1 or Higher Android OS, More info on this in “Tips”]
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