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Access Button’s property after saving the associated form

I have a few buttons in a form, (save, save as, cancel, save as). When the form is saved, the status of the button is converted to Save and added to a list. The list is used to populate a combobox.
In the attached event the event works and correctly updates the status of the form. The following code is in the form’s (save) button click event.
Private Sub ButtonExportToCSV_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles ButtonExportToCSV.Click
Dim fname As String
‘fname = saveToCsvFName
fname = txtName.Text.Trim()

If SaveForm() = True Then
_status = Save
_status = Cancel
End If
If _status = Save Then
DisplayStatus(“File Saved!”)
DisplayStatus(“File Saved…”)
End If

So my question is this, I’m updating a status, adding the status to a list, and then I want to access that list and check if the status is Save. How can I do that?


As you’ve already selected a variable to store a list of items, here’s an option using LINQ:
Dim _status As Boolean = _statusList.Any(Function(s) s = Save)

This should do the trick.
However, note that you have to make sure that the list is filled before deciding which status to return.
Also, since you have a collection of butones, you could use their status directly instead. This makes the code look even cleaner:
If SaveForm() = True Then
_status = _buttons.Any(Function(b) b.Enabled = True)
_status = _buttons.Any(Function(b) b.Enabled

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