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If you find Photoshop too complex and overwhelming, you may want to wait until you have learned some of the basic techniques and

Adobe Photoshop CS5 With Key

The free version of Photoshop Elements is a beginner’s choice and does not work for high-end graphics creation. This article is aimed at the people who find it hard to manage their photos with Photoshop and need an alternative to its editing and processing tools.

Free Photoshop Elements 16.0 Full Version is Available

Photoshop Elements 16.0 is the latest version of the software and is fully compatible with previous versions, except for the latest version of Photoshop Elements 14. You can upgrade to this latest version by purchasing it, but if you have Photoshop CS4, you can upgrade to Photoshop Elements 14 with a free upgrade.

The more you use it, the more you will learn how to use the program without any training. It’s your choice whether to download the trial version of Photoshop Elements 16.0 or purchase it.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 16.0 contains many powerful tools that allow you to edit your photos more efficiently than with traditional Photoshop. It is a best alternative to traditional Photoshop for its impressive capabilities. The full version of Photoshop Elements is now available for free download.

What are the advantages of Photoshop Elements 16?

If you still use Photoshop for your digital photo editing needs, Photoshop Elements is a free alternative that will save you time and money. It’s a high-quality graphics editor that offers a streamlined work environment and additional features that enrich the editing experience.

How to Download and Install Photoshop Elements 16.0

Note: If you are already using the Adobe software, it will automatically update. If you’re not using Adobe Software, you can install Photoshop Elements 16.0 trial version by following the steps provided here. The first time you install the free version of Photoshop Elements, it creates a MyAccel folder in your “C:\Users\Yourname\AppData\Roaming” folder. You can create this folder on any drive.

Download the Image Editor Software from the official website:

After that, you will have an image called “Download.htm”. It’s a free trial version of the software for the download.

Note: Before going to the Adobe official website, please check whether you are using the adobe software and installing it on the same folder or different drive. If you are using it on a different drive, the trial version of Photoshop Elements will not recognize the keyboard

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Stop behavior of a bootstrap modal with Javascript

The following code will open up a bootstrap modal with the title “Foo”, but it will also change the title to “bar” if the modal’s state is shown and then hidden again (once the “ok” button is clicked).
How do I stop this behavior?
I’d like to maintain the original title even when the modal is shown and hidden.



What’s New in the Adobe Photoshop CS5?


How to access Public DataSource in Grails?

I am learning Grails and I have been trying to do a simple CRUD app with a Foreign key to another table.
My problem is that I don’t know how to access the data that I want to write to the DB from the Public DataSource.
I need to be able to access it from the controller because I will only write to this table using this controller. But I would like to access these data outside the controller to display them in the view.
This is how I’m connecting to the DataSource:
Database db = DataSource.getConnection()

And I can do :
Date.list(datatype = “datetime”, orderBy=”Year”, orderDir = “ASC”)

But I need to access the whole table of data.


You can access all the rows in a table with Table.findAll().
EDIT: Or you can use findAllByIds() if you want to fetch a specific list of rows from the DB.
Database db = DataSource.getConnection()
Table table = db.getTable(“TEST_TABLE”)


How to get more videos from online of ShortCode Maker

I use shortCode Maker for online videos. But the video i get from online is from 2000 to 2500 seconds. What happen? Can i get my own videos? thanks


You need to set the time parameter to the maximum. You can not control that.
As you say you get 2500 seconds it is a kind of ads-copy or advertisement.
The site is showing you a little sign at the beginning of the video saying something like “if you liked the video and want to learn more just go to another site” or something like that.

Adblock Plus, the controversial anti-adblock extension, is getting some love from the Chrome Dev Summit. On Wednesday, Chrome’s Mike Beltzner released the first in what could be a chain of features in the near future aimed at rectifying ad-based web browsing in Google’s browser.


Built on top of the high-performance low-latency async process manager Hyper, the feature tackles a few problems that have plagued ad blockers for years. The first is choosing the right “ad content” to load asynchronously. In the past,

System Requirements:

1)To use and acquire the game, you need:
A) a NVIDIA® GeForce™ GPU with support for the latest DirectX® 11 graphics and related hardware development;
B) a computer with a Core i7 CPU, DirectX 11 hardware, and at least 4 GB of free hard drive space;
C) an internet connection.
2)Note that the above minimum system requirements DO NOT include an operating system.
3)NOTE: If you are purchasing the game for Mac OSX please contact for

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