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For more info about all the features that Photoshop has to offer, check out the Photoshop Help files as well as the Adobe website. You can also download Adobe’s Photoshop tutorial.

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There are many different file formats and colors for editing images, such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF and GIF. Photoshop has become the gold standard for editing digital photographs. The program is packed with a variety of powerful tools for modifying photos and recording video, but it is also full of complicated menus and dialog boxes.

This infographic aims to present the most common editing tool in Photoshop called the Curves tool.

It comes with many amazing features such as curve and color correction, gradient adjustment, general enhancement and more. You can use its tools in a variety of different formats as some tools are designed for vector files, for example.

Introducing Photoshop Curves

Photoshop is actually used to edit photos and videos alike, but the file format used is still a JPEG, and the file size increases in size so much that it is difficult to edit and save. Therefore, Photoshop has other tools for editing photos such as Levels, Curves, Pen, and various types of pattern and filters.

The Curves tool has a number of tools for editing photos and videos and even patterns, as explained below, unlike the other tools that perform tasks related to photography.

Table of Contents

Have a Look at the Curves Tool

The Curves tool is the next step for those who want to edit their images and videos without using Photoshop. By selecting Curves, you will see that it is not an adjustment tool, but instead a camera calibration tool. It is used to correct lighting in your pictures.

This tool’s output is to give a mathematical expression in order to adjust brightness and curves and settings are expressed in a logical order. This tool will give a curve of a picture as seen in the example below.

This is the same as the ones in the image above. You will see as the image goes from left to right that the brightness will increase with the pressure applied. The curve will look like this:

Press your mouse at three different places and see that the brightness will increase when you apply pressure. The curve will look like this:

If you press your mouse on the right side, the brightness will decrease. This tool is used to curve the brightness in a photo, but for example, to create a perfect picture, you need to color-correct your photo. The need for contrast adjustments is a solution for colored photographs. The tool curves the entire photo in order to increase the contrast.

See the below examples:

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For decades, biologists have used a seemingly simple computer program known as the Primer of Artifacts, or PaArt, to find the assemblage of artifacts (e.g., anthropological materials, fossils, architecture, skeletal remains, ancient artwork, etc.) that defines an assemblage (or collection of artifacts). The method involves a series of questions with categories based on the artifact’s function, style, form, or context. Questions and categories are used to search the archaeological record for original assemblages. This allows us to identify which pieces were present and what they are for, and where they came from.

Can we use PaArt for other kinds of collections, such as human remains?

PaArt can be applied to almost any type of collection and has been used to analyze mixed assemblages (e.g., bones, teeth, artifacts, and plant remains from a single burial).

Where did PaArt originate?

PaArt was first developed by Byron Greenfield at Florida State University in the 1980s. It has been used to analyze a variety of archaeological collections from many different time periods and regions (e.g., medieval European, American Indian, and other sites).

Did PaArt have multiple uses?

PaArt has several uses, one of which is to pinpoint the appearance of a collection (e.g., the first appearance of a particular type of tool, etc.). This involves a series of queries, which are then grouped into a chronology. PaArt can therefore pinpoint when and where a particular artifact type first appeared.

What is the original program called and what new material and concepts are included in PaArt 5?

PaArt was originally called the Morphological Analysis Tool (MAT) and has evolved over the years with multiple updated versions, the last of which is available as PaArt 5 for Windows. In PaArt 5, the base code was redeveloped for Windows platforms. The software is built on a computer algebra system (CAS). This allowed the code to run efficiently on the latest computers (with the anticipated performance increase). New features included the ability to choose one or more categories in a query and to add areas to be considered when searching for artifacts (i.e., to change the search scope). Other new features included the ability to print one or more results and to associate these with specific search names and dates.

How does PaArt’s search scope work?

PaArt considers the whole collection of

What’s New In?


Have two Different keyboard shortcuts for a command in Sublime Text

Have two Different keyboard shortcuts for a command in Sublime Text.
eg: say I want to do {TAB} and {ENTER} to run a command. So, I configured the following.
“keys”: [
“command”: “run_command”,
“key”: “shift”,
“operator”: “equal”,
“operand”: “self.ctrl_down()”,
“match_all”: true,
“match_nothing”: true

But it does not work. The command is not registered at all.
Any other options?


If you put a key binding with an operator like “equal” before a command like this won’t work. A separate binding is needed and that requires “self.ctrl_down()”. (See the snippets below for explanation).
Use the following key binding instead:
“keys”: [“ctrl+enter”],
“command”: “run_command”,
“context”: [
“key”: “shift”,
“operand”: “self.ctrl_down()”

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