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Make sure to work with a copy of the original image and not the “original” image.

Photoshop CS6 is the sixth major release of Photoshop. It includes such exciting features as the much-needed ability to layer images, crop (trim) images, and create and work with pen and brush tools.

Images that are processed in Photoshop include those that have been created with the digital camera’s built-in software, scanned images, and even your own home-studio images.

Understanding Photoshop’s History

Photoshop comes with a history file that enables you to see the life of an image from beginning to end. As you modify an image, a thumbnail of the image is shown in the History palette. When you are working with your image, you can use the History palette to navigate back to previous stages of the image’s life.

This is a tremendous help for working on complex images, because you can always go back to an earlier stage to get only the features you want. However, this is not an infallible way to navigate — the History palette is a linear buffer and does not show you all stages of an image’s life.

A work-around to this limitation is to create a folder on your hard drive to keep track of the images you have created. A folder called `Photos` or `PSD Files` is a good place for this type of storage. In the following steps, you see how to create a folder to keep track of your images and how to navigate through those images in Photoshop.

To create a folder for keeping track of images:

1. Choose File⇒New Folder or press +N.

2. Type a name for your folder and press Enter to create it.

In the figure, the folder is named `PSD Files`.

3. Select the folder, as shown in Figure 1-13.

Photoshop automatically places an icon on your desktop (Windows) or in your Mac’s Finder window (Mac) to show that you have a folder on your computer.

**Figure 1-13:** Open the folder containing your images, and then drag the folder to the Macintosh’s Dock or the Windows Windows Taskbar.

Navigating through your folder’s history

After you have created your folder, drag it onto your desktop or into your Windows or Mac Dock to make the folder’s contents visible. Then follow these steps to navigate through your folder:

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The main task of the software is to edit photographs. There are all the features available to the user to improve image quality, including:

Smart Tone (also known as Color Balance)

Color Effects

Vignette Removal

Sepia Tone

Motion Blur

Relative Colorimetry

Undo History and Snap-to-Grid

There are lots of special effects, filters, adjustment layers and layers.

There are both Lightroom-like and Photoshop-like editing features.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 comes with a bundled product called Photoshop CC (with a capital “C”). This is an improved version of Adobe Photoshop, with more features and new tools and tools designed specifically for designers and to facilitate the working process.

There is a separate Express CC that is free, gives you limited access and the user interface is more simple.

The current version for the full-featured program is Adobe Photoshop CC 2017. It’s available in various operating systems.

5 Best Photoshop Alternatives

Photoshop’s interface and features are designed to be used by professional photographers and professional graphic designers. To edit images in other professions, you may have to get creative. There are a number of options.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This is a new cross-platform alternative for editing images, available in the Windows Store. It is a free app so you can give it a try, but it offers limited editing features (for example, you can change exposure or change the background, but you can’t use the entire editing panel, just like with the web app version).

Not only it is free, but it is also the fastest software that I have used for image editing (it completes the task in about 2 minutes). I don’t have experience with the desktop version, but you can import Photoshop files.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a full-featured image editing and management software, available for all platforms (including macOS and Linux) and works well on larger files.

You can use Photoshop filters with Lightroom

You can use all types of plugins, such as Plugins, Adobe, Darktable, DNG Converter and many others.

Adobe Camera Raw

Adobe Camera Raw is a browser-based image editing software that works well on large images, and it also allows the use of most of Photoshop�

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