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## Design Tools

Depending on which of the design tools are open, you see tool options that allow you to manipulate, create, and edit your image. Some of the tools you can use to edit your image are the Eraser tool, the Lasso tool, the Selection tool, and the Move tool. In addition, you can use the Pen tool to create a

Adobe Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.4.1) (Updated 2022)

Read on to learn how to resize an image with Photoshop Elements on a Mac.

You can resize your image in Photoshop Elements in many ways. You can use the resize tool that is available, you can drag and drop it, and you can copy and paste images to do the work.

Here’s how to resize images in Photoshop Elements.

How to resize an image in Photoshop Elements on a Mac

Here’s how to resize an image in Photoshop Elements on a Mac using a few tools.

Step 1: Open an Image

Open your image and save it as a new file. For this tutorial, I saved my image as a JPEG image.

Step 2: Resize Image (1)

Select the picture by holding down the mouse button over it and then drag the mouse and release it over the picture you want to resize. Here’s a small screenshot of the resizing tool open.

Select Image > Resize (1)

Step 3: Resize Picture (2)

The resize tool now opens. Start with dragging the screen tool towards the left and right corners.

Start Resizing (2)

This moves the resized image to the left and right. Next, hold down the shift button and grab the corner tool.

Shift + Pick Tool (2)

This moves the resized image up and down. The same goes for the bottom-most corner of the image.

Bottom Corner Tool (2)

This moves the resized image up or down. The same goes for the top-most corner of the image.

Top Tool (2)

This moves the resized image right and left. The same goes for the bottom-most corner of the image.

Left Tool (2)

This moves the resized image right and left. The same goes for the top-most corner of the image.

Right Tool (2)

This moves the resized image up and down. The same goes for the bottom-most corner of the image.

Step 4: Resize Image (2)

Drag the resize tool again. Continue to move and resize the image till you get the image to your liking. Here’s a small screenshot of the resize tool open.

Step 5: Save Image (3)

Save the image to your computer. Here’s the finished picture

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What’s New in the Adobe Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.4.1)?




Photoshop has many different brushes, pens, textures, and tools that can be accessed by clicking them. For example, you can use the camera fill tool to quickly add a color to an image.
The eyedropper tool lets you select any color or color gradation from the image. It is a quick and easy way to change the background color, create contrast, and change color.
Other tools can be used to add details to the image, such as drop shadows, reflections, and reflections.

You can also use the image editor to adjust contrast, brightness, color, and saturation. You can also use this tool to alter the image’s size, create borders around images, and change the brightness of all of the images in the image.

You can also sharpen images by using the appropriate tool. You can round the corners or make the edge more sharp.

You can also create an image in Photoshop, which is shown in the following image.

Figure 1.8: An example of an image in Photoshop

Here, we used a new illustrator tool. You can use the following shortcuts to create an image.



Figure 1.9: The Pen Tool and the brush tool

Although vector graphics have become more popular, they are still not commonly used in photos.
You can draw freely with the Pen tool or use any other brush.
Both versions of Photoshop have the ability to work with a wide variety of shapes, angles, and lines.

Figure 1.10: Using a vector tool, you can easily draw lines and make any shape desired

You can use the paint bucket tool to add colors to the canvas. You can select a color by clicking on the paint bucket tool and then clicking on any color in the picture.

The brush tool allows you to change the brush on the right side. The brush can be changed in various ways, such as the size, opacity, and texture. The previous figure shows the brush tool with a soft brush setting.

Figure 1.11: Using the custom brush tool, you can make your brush into a soft color

You can add effects such as sun flares, blurs, and waviness.

You can also change the brush size. In the previous figure, the brush size is increased.

Figure 1.12: Adding a blur to your brush

The use of

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