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While Photoshop is a program you need to learn, once you do, it becomes a great tool for exploring new media options and learning the basics of image manipulation.

5. Illustrator

This illustration program can turn a stack of flat pages into a 3-D, printed piece of artwork. It’s a popular program, so it’s likely you have it on your computer. However, it’s important to know that although it has many features, it also has a steep learning curve. If you have limited computer resources, you may want to hold off and start with Photoshop. Illustrator is good for creating large, detailed artwork with complex shapes.

The program uses graphics tablet input for hand-drawn illustrations.

6. Camera Raw

This program allows you to edit raw photos and convert them to working format files. Don’t confuse this program with a camera that you use with your computer. Instead, this application is used to convert color from a negative to a digital format.

7. After Effects

After Effects is a video-editing program. You may be familiar with software that can edit video. After Effects is a more advanced application because it focuses on editing video and can be used to create animated sequences and incorporate live-action footage.

If you have a video camera and a computer, you can use After Effects to combine frames of video into a movie. You can edit audio and the video quality, as well as add music, special effects, and transitions. After Effects is known for its ability to create graphic art like video editing does, but without the visual flair. However, it can create many different looks with powerful tools and features.

8. Flash

Like Photoshop, Flash is an Adobe product, but many people who aren’t Adobe product–experts usually avoid it. Flash is known as the creation tool of the web. You use Flash on a computer to create and then run multimedia content such as animations and videos.

There are other similar programs that allow you to create multimedia content, but you should note that Flash is the most popular. Because of Flash, it’s commonly said that you can’t create a successful web site without it.

The Adobe Development Suite includes Flash, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop. That way you can create animations, interactivity, and even print your work.

9. QuarkXpress

Like Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress is a layout program that enables you to create books,

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It has a number of other handy features, including:

Grammatical tools

Import and export options and file formats

Media import options

Image viewer



Image Processor (for Cropping and resizing)

XMP metadata

There are no longer any macOS or Windows versions of Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Elements is a monthly fee app that runs in the cloud.


The first time you open Photoshop Elements, you need to login with your Adobe Account. There are two ways to do this:

Through the Mac App Store: Go to the Mac App Store on your computer and open the Adobe App Store (and login)

Click on the Windows App Store icon (or search for the Photoshop Elements App) and login

Using the Adobe Photoshop Elements 20 App

You can also use the new Adobe Photoshop Elements 20 cloud app to login and manage your cloud storage. It’s a different user interface than the regular Photoshop Elements cloud service but you don’t need to remember a username and password. You can download the new app from your App Store, or click the icon above.

Opening the Adobe Photoshop Elements App.

Getting Started With Photoshop Elements

Open the Photoshop Elements app and either create a new document or open an existing one.

In Elements, navigate to File > Open

Select Adobe Photoshop Elements and open your photo, landscape, etc.

Find your Photo, Landscape, etc. in the Open Panel

File | Open opens a new document.

File | Open lets you browse through the file browser to select the photo, landscape or vector you want to work on.

In the main image window, use the tools you need on the tabs above the image window. The tools are: Selection, Fill, Adjustments, Mask, Crop and Layers.

Tabs at the top of the image window

You can choose your media type by pressing F8 (or select “Import Images” from the File menu) and choose the file type you’d like to use.

Import Media

Here’s some more ways to organize your images:

Scroll down to “Help | Organize” for options to “Save” and “Get Organized”:

and more Organize options, including Sort by Tags, date or

Adobe Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.2) Crack Product Key (Updated 2022)


Filters are filters that you apply to images. They add a layer of effects to your image, and can even change your image colors to change the look of your photograph. You can filter your image once or apply a filter repeatedly to give it different looks. Filters are useful for altering the colors of your image or transforming your image from one type of object to another.

Filters are similar to layers in that you can apply them repeatedly to the same layer to change the look of an image. Filters are also saved in Bridge, the file browser.

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