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_Photoshop_ ( is one of the most extensive and powerful programs available for creating, editing, and manipulating raster images. Its multiple editing options, including vector-based shapes, erases, and so on, make it possible for photographers and graphic artists to create many kinds of composites, images, and effects.

Photoshop has a wide range of tools and features. One of the main uses of Photoshop is to create designs for creating book covers, CD covers, and posters — quite literally. You can combine images to create a composite that is manipulated in a 3-D environment, giving it depth. You can even create a realistic 3-D scene. You can use filters to transform an image by applying them in different ways to create new images.

How to Create a Photo Scrubbing Effect

This task is easy, even for beginners, and it’s fun. To do it, follow these steps:

1. Open a new Adobe Photoshop document and create a Background layer.

2. Choose Image⇒Canvas Size and specify the dimensions of your page.

The Image Scale dialog box opens; choose Image Size from the Scale drop-down list. If your original photo is proportionately scaled, that is, the proportions of the photo remains the same, select the Horizontal and Vertical check boxes; if the proportions of your photo have changed, such as when you cropped the photo, uncheck the Horizontal and Vertical check boxes. Specify the new dimensions, shown in the figure.

3. Choose File⇒Open and locate your photo to open it into the image window.

4. Open the Layers panel and click the background layer to highlight it.

5. Choose Layer⇒Rasterize.

Photoshop converts the layers into a raster, or bitmap, image.

6. Using the Clone Stamp tool, click the layer and drag it onto the Background layer.

You see the Layer thumbnail appear in the Layers panel as a gray box.

7. Using the Eraser tool, drag over the duplicate layer, and it disappears.

Photoshop doesn’t delete the layer, however; it is moved to the trashcan.

8. Choose Layer⇒Layer Style⇒Dodge, and press the D key.

The layer shows the red screen Dodge_Layer_D

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The most common uses of Photoshop include editing photos for different purposes. Photos can be edited to create subtle light or dark effects, digital art, and stickers. Specialized editing tools can be used to create better or more professional-looking results. Photoshop supports the following types of editing.

Background Removal

A common editing technique in Photoshop is background removal. This method uses the “Magic Wand” tool to search for any background that is not a part of the main subject. The Background Eraser tool can then be used to permanently remove the background.

Image Effects

Photographers and graphic designers use Photoshop to create special effects on images. They can create new images based on existing ones. The image effects tools in Photoshop include Blur, Color Separation, Lighting Effects, Pattern, and Pattern Cutting. Additional effects can be added by using filters such as Lighting Effects, Shadows and Highlights, and the Layers Panel.

Lights, Camera, Stickers

Photoshop is often used to edit memes and other types of images. This is because of the large variety of tool options and the ability to create specialized image effects. Stickers, for example, are the sixth most popular computer application in the world. People enjoy using Photoshop to create them.

Photoshop’s filters are a favorite of the graphic design community. Filters are used to enhance and modify images. Specialized filters add effects to an image’s colors, shades of grey, or images.


In addition to Photoshop, Lightroom is another popular image editor. It is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Lightroom is designed to work with photos on computers, smartphones and tablets.

Lightroom is designed for professional photographers and graphic designers. It is an editing tool that includes a professional Photo Library, Organizer, Library, and Develop. Its available features include an image editor, previewer, retouching tools, noise reduction, and adjustments.

Lightroom is also available as a standalone program, Lightroom Classic. Lightroom Classic can be downloaded and installed from the Adobe website for $0. It has fewer features than Lightroom and is not included with the Adobe Creative Cloud.


Picasa is a photo management application provided by Google. It was also available as a web application. It is a popular free image organizer with many features. The picture library in Picasa makes it

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How to properly implement a custom ObservableCollection

According to I should use:
public class DisposableCollection : ObservableCollection
where T : IDisposable
public DisposableCollection()
: base()
{ }

But Visual Studio complains because it cannot find the IDisposable interface.
Then I tried to implement the interface in a separate file:
public class DisposableCollection : ObservableCollection, IDisposable
where T : IDisposable
public DisposableCollection()
: base()
{ }

But when I compile it, the public class DisposableCollection : ObservableCollection, IDisposable error still appears
I also tried to move the DisposableCollection class into its own file. But I get that it cannot find the base namespace for System
So what is the proper way to implement an ObservableCollection that contains IDisposable?


IDisposable is an interface. You either need to add the using statement to use it or you need to explicitly implement the interface.
using System.IDisposable;

public class DisposableCollection : ObservableCollection, IDisposable
where T : IDisposable
public DisposableCollection()
: base()
{ }

While Apple CEO Tim Cook’s recent comments on app developers have been making news, India may soon see the company’s first official acknowledgement of a push into the country, where over 300 million smartphone users are on the lookout for more apps. According to rumors, Apple is looking to enter the Indian market and may even launch a new iPhone in the coming months.

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What’s New In?

Pen tools are used to apply brush strokes in a more controlled way than the default brush.
Photoshop’s Pattern Stamp tool makes it easy to add a design element to an image. You can use the Shape or Text tool to mask the element.
A Trash is a command to either remove an element or disable it.
This video shows how to clone, retouch, create patterns and add typography to an image in Photoshop.

Zebra stripes are a popular and effective way to create a graphic design that breaks the monotony of a plain image. In Photoshop, it is common to remove or reduce the size of an existing image to get a fresh look for an upcoming design.
Here are a few tips to get started:
1. To get started, you need to create a new layer on top of the existing image. To do this, click the Create a new layer icon on the Create panel.
2. Choose a Brush to paint on the new layer.
3. Change the settings for the brush tool, like size, opacity, or the hardness of the brush by changing the tool’s options.
4. To make the stripes more vivid, reduce the size of the brush, or paint over the stripes with the brush and reduce the size of the brush.
5. If you don’t like the strokes, use the Eraser or Clone Stamp tools and remove stripes or paint over them to improve the design.
6. If you apply a layer style to the new layer, you can play with the settings to get a customized design.
7. If you want to add another layer to the design, you can either manually create a new layer or duplicate the old one and then reduce it to size before you apply a new layer style.
The below video shows how to remove a background to make a stripe design using a new layer.

Tufte’s bias is a visual metaphor that describes a form of visual bias. The bias can give more weight to certain data based on the context the data is being presented in, and it is dependent on the target audience. In essence, it means that, when presenting data, you are inevitably biased towards certain visual aspects.
Without this bias, a design can sometimes have a monotonous look to it and it can feel cold and unnatural. This type of bias is often desirable when creating a print design, but it can be hard to carry over to other forms of media.
We’ll explore how bias can work in an infographic

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