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Adobe Photoshop supports a variety of file types. The most common are.psd,.jpeg,.jpg,.tif, and.png. There are many more file types you can import, export, and save. There’s more information on the file formats and their uses later in this chapter.

Working with the Layers Panel

The basic building block in Photoshop is a layer, which enables you to create objects on your artwork. Each layer is a transparent image that you can move, scale, and resize, as you see in Figure 4-2. A layer contains a selection and sometimes a vector path, which means it usually shares the same underlying raster data as other layers, like paths or selections.

Illustrations by Susan Myers

**Figure 4-2:** The layers panel enables you to quickly duplicate objects or combine them for a variety of effects.

The layers panel is a tool that enables you to work with layers. To access this panel, choose Window⇒Layers. Figure 4-3 shows a top-down view of a layered drawing. You can also open the panel through the panel menu or by pressing the menu key and choosing Window⇒Layers.

Illustrations by Susan Myers

**Figure 4-3:** A layered drawing with an image, a layer mask, and a selection.

In a layered drawing, each object has a background color, a foreground color, and a layer name. For example, in Figure 4-3, the image layer is green, the layer mask is white, and the layer name is MyImage.

Selecting layers

Selecting an individual layer is pretty simple. Simply click the layer name in the Layers panel to select it. To select multiple layers, use the Selection tool (S) to select them and then choose Edit⇒Merge Visible. You may find this last step necessary when you want to combine two or more layers as a single object.

Editing layers

Layers have a red, white, or blue dot at the bottom-right corner of their thumbnail to show the layer name. When you click the dot to change its color to red, white, or blue, the background color of the layer changes from white, green, or black to that color.

You can change the color of the dot by using Layer⇒Layer Style. Figure 4-4 shows the Layer panel with the

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Which is the best Photoshop alternative?

In this guide, we will be discussing what to consider when choosing the best photo editor app.

Best Features

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing a photo editor is whether it has the most features of the original Photoshop. There is no “best” Photoshop alternative app based on how many features it has. You can find many features that will be more or less useful based on the photographer’s skill level.

So, instead of focusing on the app’s features, it is more important to examine which of the photo editing tools offer the highest quality images.

With these simple criteria in mind, let’s go through a list of the best photo editor apps you can use.

The best Photoshop alternative app depends on what you want to achieve. The best app will be the one that enables you to edit your images with the highest quality. It might not be the app that’s free or the one that’s easier to use.

So, let’s take a look at which photo editor apps meet each criteria.

Best Photoshop alternative apps 2019 by quality

Ps Photo Editor

Ps Photo Editor is a great option for those who don’t use Photoshop and want an alternative. It comes with the latest, streamlined user interface, and supports all the important features of Photoshop, the new features of Elements, and some other tools. Ps Photo Editor includes all the features that you need to create high-quality images.

While it lacks a wide array of effects, features and filters, it still has a lot of essential tools for retouching and image editing. Its clean user interface lets you create designs and create images that are free from the constraints of the Photoshop UI.

Ps Photo Editor supports RAW image formats and provides tools for photo editing and RAW conversion. It has a powerful collection of features for basic photo editing.

Ps Photo Editor has an intuitive layout and a simple interface. Even for a beginner, this Photoshop alternative app is easy to learn and use.

Ps Photo Editor is the most popular alternative to Photoshop. It is available for almost every platform. Ps Photo Editor is a great option to use if you need a Photoshop alternative.

Ps Photo Editor doesn’t work with all software and has limited support for the Creative Cloud.

Ps Photo Editor costs $39.00


If you

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