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Using and Understanding Photoshop Layers

Photoshop layers are a clever concept that enables you to alter multiple, transparent image parts without having to process the underlying parts of the image—sort of like the layers of a paper document. While a document can have multiple layers of text and formatting, for the most part, Photoshop images are created in much the same way, with a single raster image on top of a separate background—or _layer_ —image.

Photoshop’s newest feature, Content-Aware Fill, is a special type of layer that automatically fills holes in images. You can use content-aware fill as another powerful tool in your arsenal for creative manipulation.

* Layer masks are like paintbrushes that limit a layer’s content by selecting only parts of the layer (see the “Creating a layer mask” sidebar, earlier in this chapter).
* The crop tool in Photoshop is a special type of layer that enables you to restrict the size of an image onscreen by cropping off the edges.
* Photoshop has more than 100 commands that enable you to add, subtract, or alter features of your image, including adjusting brightness, contrast, color, size, and so on.

The following steps help you understand how to use Photoshop’s Layers feature:

1. To create a new layer, choose Layer from the New Layer menu, as shown on the left in Figure 4-1.

FIGURE 4-1: To create a layer, choose Layer⇒New Layer.

2. Next, you can add additional images to a single layer by using the Add Layer dialog box, as shown on the right in Figure 4-1.

3. By default, the image that you select in this dialog box will be added to the new layer’s thumbnail image at the bottom.

4. If you don’t see that image, choose the circle icon to the

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Photoshop Elements is the most popular, affordable and feature-rich editing and graphics program on the Mac.

Here are the best Photoshop Elements features I think are the most valuable:

Feature Comparison Between Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CS6

1. Smart Object

The Smart Object feature is great for creating the same dynamic effects in Photoshop. It can be used in both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. The editing process is the same.

2. Creating Digital Artwork

The ability to use a tablet is an excellent way to create digital artwork. Smart Objects are great for creating these types of images.

3. Color Selection Tools

The Color Selection tools found in Photoshop Elements are not as accurate or as advanced as they are in Photoshop. However, it is still possible to create some artistic effects using these tools.

4. Touch Ups

Smart Objects are great for creating web designs. It is also possible to touch up images from Photoshop Elements on the Mac.

5. Background Removal

Adobe Photoshop Elements offers a lot of features to remove unwanted images from the photograph. It makes it possible to use what was once impossible or difficult to remove using Photoshop.

6. Layers

Photoshop Elements offers a lot of layers. This allows you to create complex images, complete with multiple resizing, for example.

7. Batch Processing

The Batch Processing feature is great for processing a large number of photos. You can process your images without spending too long or missing a crucial shot.

8. Photo Elements

The Photo Elements feature is great for creating effects, such as adding Photoshop filters, in Photoshop Elements.

9. Layer Masks

Layer Masks allow you to manipulate images in Photoshop Elements. They are also useful for creating simulated filters, like the one shown below.

10. Smart Align

Smart Align automatically adjusts the best alignment between two images. It is a great feature for retouching photos and making them much easier to edit.

11. Pinch Zoom

Pinch Zoom is easy to use and allows you to zoom in on images and edit the photographs from the inside out.

12. 3D Crop

Pinch Zoom is great for editing the photos from the inside. You can change anything within the image. It is the perfect tool for creating carousels, especially when used with layers.

13. Multi-Resolution Fusion

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Entity Framework 4 stored procedure to sqlParameter

I want to use sqlParameter:
Table: Countries
Columns: Id, CountryCode

Create procedure [dbo].[GetAllCountries]
@CountryCode varchar(3)
set nocount on

Countries as C
C.CountryCode= @CountryCode

But in datacontract the @CountryCode is the string “null”
I want the parameter with country code, so the command is like :
SqlParameter myparameter = new SqlParameter();
myparameter.Direction = ParameterDirection.Input;
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myparameter.Size = 3;
myparameter.SizeInBytes = myparameter.Size;
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