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* **Lightroom**. Adobe offers Lightroom as a standalone app for many mobile devices as well as for computer use (for example, as a bootable DVD) and for online and cloud storage. Lightroom is designed to make the mundane photo editing tasks easy and fun, similar to the way you get work done in Lightroom when you’re sitting at your desktop computer. However, Lightroom can be used as a stand-alone program as well.

## Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud makes installing software and apps as easy as possible. It divides Creative Cloud into an individual app for each desktop and mobile device. You don’t have to install each individual app separately; they are all freely available for you to try out and keep or, if you prefer, you can upgrade to the full version and keep all the apps available to you.

The Adobe Creative Cloud app allows you to sign in to your Creative Cloud account and allows you to download the latest updates to your apps. The latest update for your Creative Cloud apps will be downloaded when you open the app. With the Creative Cloud app, you can quickly switch between the Creative Cloud apps installed on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

The Adobe Creative Cloud includes the following tools:

* **Lightroom**. See Chapter 14, editing your photos in Lightroom, for information on how to use Lightroom. You can also download a copy of Lightroom from the Adobe website at .
* **Adobe Camera Raw**. You can find more information about the functions of Adobe Camera Raw in Chapter 11, Figure 11-5 and Photo Cameras. You can download this app from the Adobe website at .
* **Photoshop**. See Chapter 12, Mastering the Photoshop Workspace, for information about Adobe Photoshop.
* **Illustrator**. See Chapter 14, Editing Your Photos in Illustrator, for information about Adobe Illustrator. You can download this app from the Adobe website at .
* **Edge Animate**. See Chapter 14, Editing Your Photos in Edge Animate, for information on Adobe Edge Animate. You can download this app from the Adobe website at

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While Photoshop has been a cornerstone of the desktop digital imaging for decades, its ability to become a multi-platform software with powerful, yet versatile features for both professionals and people of all skill levels is unmatched.

This isn’t a review of either Photoshop or Elements but of using the Adobe Photoshop Elements.

This is a collection of the best tutorial resources for Photoshop elements.

Tutorials can be broken down into the following groups:




Web Design


Motion Graphics

Typography Photoshop Elements Tutorials

Design and typography are often on the forefront of cutting edge web design.

Typography Photoshop elements tutorials give you some great tips and techniques for creating a professional typographic design that will help you create images that feel natural on the screen.

Effect Tutorials

As the Photoshop Elements editors become more focused on photo editing, it’s becoming easier to figure out how to make simple adjustments to photos.

However, Photoshop elements is still a photo editing tool and so you will need to know how to create certain effects and filters.

Photo Editing Photoshop Elements Tutorials

In most photo editing sessions, you will always have to adjust brightness, contrast and colors.

This Photoshop Elements tutorial shows you the basics of adjusting color, saturation and some levels for basic photo editing.

Sketch Photoshop Elements Tutorials

People who are passionate about illustration and design will surely use Photoshop Elements to create some beautiful artwork.

This free Photoshop Elements tutorial will guide you through the basic concepts of creating realistic sketches in Photoshop elements.

Photoshop tutorials for graphic designers

This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create a simple landscape with just a few clicks.

You will learn about the areas of the editing palette and you will get some great help to make your watercolor-like image look like you just painted it by yourself!

Edit different styles

For different styles you will need to have different brushes.

This Photoshop tutorial will guide you through the creation of a simple new brush styles and you will learn more about the palette options.

How to make a basic Photoshop tutorial

Photoshop is probably the best all-round image editing software in the world! But what about the rest of your software?

Can Photoshop make up for all the other software out there?

No. But it will at least help you learn how to

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The Supreme Court on Friday released Knox from her prison and transferred her to a hospital in Perugia for a medical assessment, saying she was improperly treated in prison.

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How to implement multiple SMS in the native android Application?
There are different intent for each SMS and I am using AsyncTask but it’s not working, since the application is focusing and it’s not responding.


I suggest you use BroadcastReceiver to do this.
put this in your AndroidManifest.xml and put corresponding action in each SMS messages.

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